Best Paint for Winter


The winter months can be brutal on a home’s exterior paint. Temperatures can fluctuate around freezing making homes and paints expand and contract. It is essential to get the right kind of paint for exterior painting projects to ensure that the home and its value can sustain the cold, winter months. Before applying a coat of exterior paint, be sure to properly prepare the surface by applying a coat of primer.

Why Primers?

In order to be certain that an exterior painting project will be able to endure through the cold, winter months, a coat of primer is essential. It is one essential element which will ensure the paint job will be able to last through the winter months. A primer will seal the wood and also provide a nice, smooth surface for the paint to bind to. It also acts as a moisture barrier which can help prevent decay. Applying a coat of primer is the first step to ensuring a paint job will last.

Choosing the Right Paint

Exterior paints are available in both oil-based and latex formulas. Both of these types of paints are designed to be able to stand up to the wear, tear and exposure of the severe conditions the weather can dish out. In order to provide a paint job that will be long lasting it is important to use a high quality acrylic latex paint. This type of paint is durable, will retain its color and will resist chalking. Another great advantage is that it is very easy to apply as well as clean up when you have completed the exterior painting project. Acrylic latex paint is an exceptional choice in inclement climates and it is great for using on almost any type of exterior surface including wood, masonry, aluminum siding and stucco.

Benefits of Latex Paints

Acrylic latex paints are popular for several reasons and have some distinct advantages over other types of alkyd paints. Perhaps one of the reasons it has become so popular is that it is environmentally friendly. Acrylic latex paint does not contain any chemical solvents which also mean it is very easy to clean up and get out of brushes and rollers when the job is done. They are non-toxic substances but also have a tendency to be inflammable. Another great benefit is that acrylic latex paints do not tend to yellow over time like most oil based paints.

For the homeowner who wants to get their home painted before winter sets in, another benefit is that the paint has a faster drying time than other types of paints. It will cover most surfaces very well and they are resistant to extreme changes in temperatures. They can hold up nicely whether it is extremely hot or extremely cold. Acrylic latex paints are also resistant to some of the most common problems homeowners have with exterior paints such as cracking, blistering, peeling or chipping. The acrylic resin will help the paint remain flexible even when it is dry.

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