Decorating with Decals


Wall decals can be a very inexpensive way to decorate without undertaking a huge home remodeling project. Even though interior painting is one of the least expensive ways to achieve a makeover for a room, decals can often have nearly the same effect at much less expense. Decals come in a wide variety of colors and styles and can add that perfect finishing touch to any room’s décor. Even plain white decals can look stunning against interior paint of darker colors. One of the latest designs is using a white monogram to create a focal point in a room. There are many different ways to use wall decals to decorate and many benefits of using them.

Create Your Own Unique Style

Since there are such a wide variety of styles, sizes and colors available, any homeowner can use them to decorate a room with their own unique style. Multiple colors or sizes can be used to add a unique artistic style to almost any room of the house. When an individual buys a package of wall decals, they can use their own personality and taste to create a unique design. Actually, even if 3 or 4 people all purchase the exact same package of decals, it is highly likely that each of them will use them differently. This uniqueness is one of the most appealing aspects of using wall decals to decorate a room.

Easy to Use

There may not be any other project as easy as wall decals. They are very simple to put up and you can take them down when you are ready to change styles. You will need a pencil, a level and a measuring tape to ensure that they are applied properly. There are also apps on Smartphones which can help get the decals lined up perfectly on the wall. Wall decals are very easy to take out of the package and apply to the wall. And when the style is done, or the season changes, it is easy to simply take the decals down and put up another style.


There are endless possibilities for using wall decals to decorate. Small decals are great to use around the bathroom mirror. Decals can be used on otherwise empty walls like on a wall which is behind a chair. Some decals also look like a painting and there are some which are very colorful shapes. An individual can experiment with the different types of wall decals to come up with unlimited possibilities.

Decals are Reusable

One of the other benefits of using wall decals to decorate an area is that they are reusable. This is really nice for many reasons. If the décor of a room needs to be changed for any reason, the decals can be removed and placed in another area. This is also handy for those times when you have to move. They can be removed and taken along with an individual to the new place and reused. As long as the backs of the wall decals are kept clean they can be used over and over.

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