Feng Shui and Interior Painting

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One of the easiest, quickest and cheapest ways to breathe new life into your home, is to paint it with a fresh coat of paint.  Even people that have apartments can convince their landlords to let them paint – as long as they repaint them before they leave, to their natural color.  The investment is very minimal, under $100 and you can buy 3 cans of paint, a few brushes and rollers and be on your way.  But, before all that you have to figure out what colors to use.  If you want a really peaceful, clutter free, and happy home there are actually colors you can paint the interior to help with this.  Below, we will be going over different rooms as well as Feng Shui colors to paint those rooms.

Entryway and/or Foyer

If you have a small entryway, consider adding light and bright colors such as blues, pinks, and greens or even off whites.  Green, black and red doors create an auspicious look and feel.  Avoid white doors, however.


Believe it or not, the best color for a kitchen is white.  White represents purity and cleanliness.  But, white also is a good starting point for walls because it acts like a blank canvas which allows you to add in thinks like reds and yellows to make the colors pop out even more.  Since the kitchens basic element is fire and metal (which is represented by the color white), white overcomes the fire – which leads to the balance of the chi.  Try to avoid black and gray because these destroy water as well as red because it will make the kitchen too “hot” literally and figuratively.  In red kitchens, cooks are more likely to flare up with tempers because of the red colors in the room.


Bedrooms are difficult because the colors you choose will depend on things like age, personal goals, and if the room is a master bedroom or not.  For master bedrooms, pink is a great color because it represents things like passion, love, and sensuality.  Pink or red sheets will create a “fiery” marriage bed.  On the other hand if you are single, but you want a mate, think about pink or peach.  Anyone else can consider greens and blues – which help you sleep better at night.

Children’s Bedrooms

When a child sleeps, plays and lives in a green room, they tend to thrive a lot more.  Green creates a sense of peacefulness and cleanliness that no other color can and green also helps with productivity, encouragement and knowledge.

Dining Rooms

If you tend to have a lot of entertaining parties or get together in your dining room, think about painting the room pink, greens or blues because all of these colors help stimulate conversations and they also get people hungry!  Now that you know this, you know why a lot of restaurants choose these colors for their dining rooms because they stimulate the appetite.  Try to avoid colors like blacks, grays and whites unless you are trying to lose weight and avoid eating so much because they will decrease your appetite.


Essentially a bathroom is a sanctuary – it’s the place where you go to get ready to leave and prepare for the day ahead of you, but it’s also the place where you get ready to relax and go to sleep to hopefully have a good night’s sleep and start all the way over again the next day.  Because of this good colors for the bathroom are greens, blues, and whites, as well as pinks.  Black or gray make excellent accent colors, but shouldn’t be used on whole walls.

If you take the time to paint your home the right colors, you will find that it makes the feeling in the home more pleasant and will help balance not only your chi but your family, loved ones, guests and more.  There are many books on Feng shui and colors, as well as ways to set your spaces up to create balance and calmness, take a look at Barnes and Noble for a few book options.