Guest Room Design


What is the best interior design for a guest room? It may not be as difficult as one would think. Most of us desire to create an environment where a guest can be comfortable while in the home. To accomplish this goal it is important to consider how all the elements can be pulled together to achieve it. Furnishings, window treatments, interior painting and various accessories can all work together to create a welcoming, warm atmosphere for our guest.

Interior Painting Colors

Probably the most important choice is the color scheme that will be used for the room. Once this is established and the interior painting has been accomplished, then all the other elements can be added to complete the interior design. When choosing the color scheme it is best to stick with neutrals or natural tones. Some of the most common neutral tones include beige, ivory, gray or taupe. These are very popular and are very compatible with other colors. If you are the artistic type who simply must have more color in a room, consider painting an accent wall in a bolder color such as ultramarine blue or a dark green. It is also possible to paint only the ceiling a color which can also be used for throw rugs or throw pillows. Once you have established the color scheme and finished the interior painting, you are ready to begin to add in the other interior design elements.


When it comes to modern design and guest room furnishings there are two things to remember: simplicity and comfort. A guest is staying a short time in your home and you want to ensure that they are comfortable and able to rest while they are away from home.  A bed, bedside table, and dresser are the main furnishings you will want to provide. However, if space allows it is nice to place a desk or a comfortable easy chair in the room as well. It is important that your guest have adequate storage space for their necessities. The chest or dresser will have some drawers which will meet their basic need for storage; but it is a good idea to have bed side tables which have drawers for storage as well.  If space allows you may place an ottoman, bench or a luggage tray at the foot of the bed to give guests space to put their overnight bags.


If you used neutral colors for interior painting this is where you will want to add some color. Bedding, rugs and window coverings can add color and style to the interior design of a guest room. They can also be used to match accent walls and help bring a balance to the room. To add depth to the design you may choose to layer the bedding with duvet, blanket, and a throw blanket. This gives the guest multiple choices for their comfort and allows for some great color combinations when decorating. Different types of pillows can also be provided for comfort and shams can add splashes of color where needed. Window treatments can be used to bring color schemes together as well. Adequate lighting can be added by positioning lamps on nightstands and the dresser.

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