Home Design for the World Traveler


Are you someone who likes to travel internationally? There are many different interior design styles that are compatible with the world traveler’s taste. While there are exotic styles that can fill this decorating need, it does not necessarily mean that it is the only option from which you can choose. Whatever your traveling preference, it is easy to display it within today’s modern design.

Interior Painting Ideas for the World Traveler

One of the most important aspects of any type of interior design project is choosing the paint color. There are many things that can influence the wall color in any room. While contemplating on the types of decorative items or elements that will be incorporated into the room’s interior design, think about what types of colors might make a nice backdrop. Unless the room is a rainforest theme it is likely you will not want bright or bold colors as they can distract from the elegant pieces that may be used. It is more likely that neutral colors will be the best colors used for the walls. There are many neutral colors which can add class to a room such as gray or tan depending on the overall theme of the décor. It is important for the tones to add a decorative element without absorbing all the attention. Depending on what international design elements are being included it may be complimentary to paint trim in colors such as black or bolder colors to add accents. It is just important to choose interior painting colors which will work with the interior design to display the international treasures you have found.

Styles and Modern Design

When one travels extensively, they may accumulate many items from around the world that they wish to incorporate into the home’s interior design. When we think of decorating and traveling maps and globes generally come to mind. This can be a great combination when used tastefully to create an international design. But remember that the modern design and style is comprised of straight, clean lines with minimal accessories. To achieve this type of stylish look it is important to not overdo it. Perhaps a world map would suffice rather than several maps which can give a cluttered look. Antique pieces from around the world may be complimentary of this style.

But you do not have to go Ole World to create an international interior design. Rough furnishings, wood craft items and quilts can extend the country style while displaying items retrieved from Sweden, England or France. For those who frequent areas such as Africa, the Caribbean or other tropical regions styles may include wicker or rattan furnishings and colorful floral patterns. Tuscan or Moroccan styles can bring a nice tropical look to the interior design of the area.

The rustic look can work well for those who travel to locations that are mountainous or rugged. Furnishings can have a rougher design and natural wood can be very complimentary. Wood flooring can be accented with exotic throw rugs.

Where have you been?

No matter where travels take a person there is a design that can complement the items that are returned home with them. Interior painting, furnishings, flooring as well as other elements of interior design can be combined to create an international haven for residents and visitors alike.

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