How to Choose Bathroom Paint Colors


When it comes time to renovate or even redecorate a bathroom, one of the biggest concerns is what color to paint it.  When it comes to any room in your home, including the bathroom, there are a lot of choices to choose from; dark to light, bold to subdued, etc.  Fortunately, any of these options can work in a small or a large space.  One of the most important things to consider when it comes to painting the bathroom yourself or hiring a top residential painter in Summit is what colors you like.  That’s right.  It doesn’t necessarily depend on the trends or what certain people tell you to paint the space – it depends on what colors you like for that room.  Personally, I am all about trends, but if someone tells me that Eggplant Purple is the IT color for 2015, I don’t care how much people love it or how popular it is, it’s not going in the bathroom because I hate purple and I really hate eggplant purple!  One idea is to use colors you actually like.  Another idea is to find inspiration.  You can do this easily by looking at a favorite artist and a picture you like, or you can find sites like House or Pinterest where people post pictures of bathrooms and the colors they chose.  Find something that you really love?  Why not copy it or make it your own.  Another idea is to buy accessories like a shower curtain, bathroom accessories (soap dish, towels, toothbrush holder, etc.) and then go from there in terms of colors to use.  You might be surprised at how much inspiration you get from already bought items!  Here are a few ideas when it comes to colors and tones, as well as themes that you can talk to your painter about!

Neutral Colors

Neutral might seem like a boring route to go, but one to remember about neutral colors like grays, tans and whites is that at any time you can change the decor and accessories because most colors go with these neutral colors.  For example, if you have a tan wall in your bathroom and you decide that this year you want to do something like a beach theme – tans, blues, whites, grays, etc.  But, then next year you decide you don’t really like this theme anymore, you can go for something a little more BOLD like cranberry red and black – which will still match with the tan.  It’s just a good way of thinking ahead.  White and grays tend to give a room a really clean and crisp look to it.  And even though white might seem boring, it’s like a blank canvas – even more so than the tan option above.  White walls give you the ability to transform the room over and over and over again without ever changing the wall color.  In fact, there are over 100,000 colors, themes and options you can choose from when it comes to a white wall!  Beyond just colors and tones there are also color rules.  For example, red is a warm color, but tan mixed with a little bit of red is a warm neutral color.  On the other hand, blue is a cold color, but blue mixed with white is a cold metal color.  There are many options you can create if you start with those neutrals we spoke about above; white, tan and gray just by adding in warm or cold colors to them.

Real Colors

Real colors are less muted than neutral colors.  They tend to be much bolder in the color, tone and emotion you get from them.  When it comes to personality, neutral colors are the ones that stand by the water cooler and listen to people talk.  Real colors like red, green and blue have more personality – they are the ones that everyone stands attention to and listens to while them talk.  It depends if you want your bathroom to be neutral – less personality or bold – more personality.  Real colors like red, green and blue give you the freedom to express your creativity or taste.  On the other hand, real colors take more commitment on your end.  Neutral colors are everyone’s choice usually when it comes to a bathroom because you don’t need to work hard to make it work.  Slap the paint on the wall and go from there.  Real colors, real bold colors take planning – especially when it comes to the accessories in the bathroom.  The choice is up to you really; less work = neutrals.  More work but a more satisfying look and achievement = real colors.

Light vs. Dark

When it comes to a smaller room, like the bathroom, you might automatically think that light colors = bigger space.  But, actually you would be wrong.  A residential painter will let you know that bolder darker colors when used correctly can actually make a room appear larger.  Furthermore, a dark room without the ceiling painted a dark color (should be a light color instead) can make a room seem bigger.  It’s actually tricking your eyes into thinking this but if you had the time and the money to paint your bathroom all light (including the ceiling) and take a picture and then get the top painter to paint the room a darker color (not including the ceiling) and you take a picture, I think you would clearly see that the darker option makes the room much bigger.  A little designer trick!  When it comes to the colors in your bathroom, it’s less about the dark paint and more about the contrasting colors.

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