Interior Design for the Holiday Season


Homeowners and businesses alike are getting ready for the busy holiday season. For some the thought of decorating and then redecorating for in just a short time, can be overwhelming. But this transition can be made a lot easier. It used to be that interior design for each holiday required a complete change in colors and décor. But there can be some very simple ways to create two looks with minimal changes. It may not be necessary to remove all the decorations used for Thanksgiving before decorating for Christmas; they can be incorporated into the interior design of the home. There can be some very subtle changes that make a big difference in the decorative design.

All Red and Green

It is not necessary to cover a home with red and green to dress it up for the winter holidays. Traditional colors such as yellows and reds can be used for Thanksgiving and then if they are dressed up just right can be turned into Christmas cheer. One thing to remember is for the decorations to always match the house including the colors used for interior painting projects. It is not necessary to develop a stark contrast when decorating for the holiday even if you want to go all out. If the predominant color scheme of the home is mostly blue it can be used to create a holiday design. Sometimes all that is needed is to add some black and white to make the home festive. It is perfectly fine to use a nontraditional color scheme for decorating the home for the holidays. This can help make the transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas go smoothly.

Throw in Some Bling

For those who use a large centerpiece or other decorative pieces as part of their holiday décor, it can be transformed from Thanksgiving to Christmas by some small transformations. Adding some glittery or glitzy pieces to the room can make the switch easy. You may also switch out any candles that are predominantly considered to be Thanksgiving colors with the colors of Christmas. Various greenery and arrangements throughout the house can be updated for the new holiday by adding some sequin coated apples or sparkling amber snare drums.

Christmas Staples

There are some decorative items which have long been staples of the Christmas season. By using a lot of greenery and mantle decorations or centerpieces throughout the home making some additions can be the simplest way to transform them from Thanksgiving to Christmas. For instance, add some sparkling orbs into greenery or other pieces that were used for Thanksgiving. Stockings and ornaments are on most people’s list of Christmas staples. No matter what the home’s interior design, decorating can be as easy as hanging stockings.

Light the Candles

Fire, whether by fireplace or candlelight, is just part of enjoying the winter holidays. To transition from the Thanksgiving holiday to Christmas, add some candles to the interior design of the room. It can give the area a more intimate atmosphere, dress up a room and provide accent lighting. Candles can stay with the established color scheme in the room. Choose various colors that are complementary of the home’s color scheme as well as adding charm to the Christmas holidays.

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