Painting after the Hurricane


There is nothing quite as devastating as trying to clean up after a natural disaster. Most hurricanes pack a pretty good punch since there are so many factors that can wreak havoc. Winds, tornados and flooding can all cause massive damage during a hurricane. Before any exterior house painting can be started it is imperative to double check the home for structural damage. Check all structures carefully to ensure that there was not any major structural damage. Take a good look at any bricks, stone, plaster and wood surfaces. These surfaces will have to be repaired before exterior painting can begin.

Contact a local, Union County house painting company to assess the damage and offer a bid on repainting the building. It is not as simple as just adding a coat of paint. The surface will have to dry thoroughly before any exterior painting can begin. Given the best conditions, depending on the extent of the damage, this can take a long time.  Depending on the weather conditions, it can take as long as 2 to 3 months for the surfaces to dry enough to begin a painting project.

Some surfaces may have to be completely replaced, depending on the damage. Plaster based surfaces and timber will usually have to be removed and then replaced with new materials. The worst thing to do after hurricane damage is to paint over seriously damaged areas without completely repairing the surface. Before contacting your Northern NJ exterior house painting professional, it is a good idea to have a building surveyor come out to inspect the property to make sure it is structurally sound.

Surfaces will need to be cleaned thoroughly and dried before exterior painting can begin. Debris can build up in various areas during a hurricane and must be removed adequately. Dirt and other contaminates must be cleared away and the surfaces prepared before any painting can be done. Outside surfaces need to be cleaned or washed thoroughly to remove dirt and debris. After the surfaces are cleaned they should be inspected for further damage and repaired as necessary.

After the exterior portions of the structure are cleaned, repaired and allowed to dry completely, a coat of primer should be applied to all surfaces which are to be painted. This can then be followed by a coat of preferred exterior paint. Contact your New Jersey exterior painting professional for options and bids.

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