Painting Your Nursery


Getting the nursery ready for the arrival of a new baby can be a very exciting experience for the entire family. You want to create the perfect environment to welcome the new member of the family. There are many elements that come together to create the interior design of the nursery. Some parents choose a specific theme to build around; others select a color scheme before developing the décor. It is best to keep the decorating efforts as simple as possible since it is likely going to change in just a couple of years when the baby becomes a toddler. For now, just concentrate on creating an interior design that is pleasant and comfortable for both you and baby. Painting the nursery in a NJ home can be a fun experience for the family welcoming a new baby.

Color Scheme Ideas

Choosing a color scheme is an important part of decorating a nursery whether you are developing the colors around a particular theme or not.  Traditionally, little girls had a pink nursery and boys had blue; but the modern nursery can be almost any color when it comes to interior painting. Many parents are also opting for gender neutral colors such as yellows and greens. Pastels are softer colors and are frequently used along with off whites to create a soft and gentle atmosphere for the baby. Another color option is to use varying shades of one favorite color.

Themes and Interior Painting

Many parents want to use a particular theme for the nursery. Some of the most popular include themes like animals, circus, Noah’sArk, sea Life, and Disney characters. Once the theme is selected, matching colors can be chosen for interior painting. Each theme will likely have a color scheme that will work well with it and it is best to select one basic color for painting the walls. The other colors can be used to compliment the designs and used for painting trim, furnishings or brought in through the use of other items. Another great way to use a theme along with interior painting is to select one basic color from the theme and then use neutrals for other painting projects like trim. You may also want to paint one wall a darker color and use a lighter shade of that color for the other walls.

Creating a Pattern

One of the popular interior painting projects for the nursery is to use patterns. One of the most popular patterns is create vertical stripes by alternating a darker shade and a lighter shade of one color; or using a stripe of the main color for the nursery along with a stripe of a neutral color. Geometric patterns are also very popular in the nursery. Many opt for squares or circles to cover the walls. Patterns can also be made using stencils to create bunches of balloons, stars, rainbows or flowers on the nursery walls. Stencils can also be used to print the baby’s name on the wall if it is so desired.

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