Top Ceiling Colors


When it comes time to look for an interior painter in Morristown, they automatically think that keeping a ceiling white, is the go to choice. But, actually more and more these days, homeowners such as yourself are actually painting their ceilings more than anything else in a room. Some people are even, dare I say it, painting JUST the ceilings and not the actual walls. Crazy idea, but in some cases, it looks really good. If you have wanted to paint your walls and ceilings a new color, want some ideas, or you want to find out more about painting just a ceiling in a room, continue reading below!

Ceiling Paint Colors

A lot of people paint a room and have no idea what color they want. They don’t realize that just by looking at a few already situated items around the room, that they can create inspiration and choose colors in that room for their ceilings too. For instance, let’s say you have a home in Florida. It has a real beachy vibe to it. You have a lot of typical “pastel” colors and beach colors that include things like yellow, orange, green, sandy brown and white. But, you also bought these really fantastic roman shades that are striped – they include white, gray, yellow and blue (vertical). You really love that blue, but you don’t know how to match it to the room. Well, did you know that you can actually find paint stores that will match colors of things like pillows, blankets and even roman shades? It’s true. Just call them up and see if they do it at their location. If so, you can take the shades into them and they can mix up a color similar if not exactly like that blue in the roman shades. Now instead of doing the whole room in that blue, which may be a little much, try painting just the ceilings and see what kind of a vibe you get. Chances are you will love the blue ceiling, white walls and the other colors you have in the room.

Make A Room Feel More Intimate

Most of the time people are trying to make a room seem bigger, but once in a while you have a room that is way too big with high ceilings and you want to make it seem smaller in comparison. You might think that all is lost when it comes to this situation, but there’s actually something you can do! One of the things you might consider, whether painting the room yourself, or hiring an interior painter in Morristown is to paint the ceiling and about 1 foot way down the ceiling. This sounds somewhat odd, but if you try it out, you will see exactly why it makes a room smaller. It creates a “frame” around the top part of the wall including the ceiling and creates an optical illusion that the ceiling is lower than it actually is. Kind of a cool little trick if you want to make a room seem more intimate. The rest of the wall is just white. It creates almost a box-like effect. Try using bolder colors for something like this like red, magenta, orange, royal purple or even a vibrant blue.

Take Advantage of Architectural Features

Some people see something like timber beams in a space and think it’s going to be a nightmare to figure out how to hide them or paint them. But, why would you want to hide them? Make the most of a room that has architectural features and use those features, rather than hide them. By creating a space that works around things like timber beams, molding or even a misplaced wall allows the space to have a personality of their own. For architectural features, it’s a good idea to go with darker colors like gray, black, brown or even a greenish brown – try Cancun Gold AC204-5, Kelly-Moore or Tropical Dusk 2117-40, Benjamin Moore. By the way, if you have timber beams or the like, you can either paint the ceiling the same color, or you can paint it something else, but that is completely up to you. One idea is to paint the ceiling the same colors as the feature, but paint the other 4 walls a different color. This will create a focus on the features and yet create an intimate room.

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