Top Colors for Kitchen Cabinets


Kitchens vary by the millions. You have different wall colors, different flooring and colors, different cabinets, countertops, accessories and more. Essentially you could make it so every person the US has a completely different kitchen and is completely unique and you still wouldn’t run out of options. For this specific article we won’t necessarily be talking about kitchen paint colors. Instead, we will already assume you have a certain paint color or hue on your walls, but you are looking to paint your cabinets and you want a few ideas on how to go about it or what colors are a good option. If nothing else, you can get topics to talk to a top kitchen painter in South Orange about when it comes to choosing the best colors for cabinets.

Harmonizing Colors

Make sure that when you are choosing cabinet colors that you choose colors that harmonize with the other things in your kitchen such as the walls, backsplash and the countertops – as well as any colorful accessories too like color fridges, dough mixers or stoves. For example, if you have robin egg blue walls, silvery accessories like subzero fridge, silvery hardware for your cabinets and a deep wooden floor – the last thing you want to do is paint your cabinet’s neon lime green. It’s going to look out of place, unattractive and it’s definitely not going to create a harmonious vibe that something like robin egg blue and dark wood flooring does. Just be smart about all the colors in your kitchen. If you want lime green cabinets, fine, but make sure everything else matches with it.

Using Contrasting Colors

You can easily coordinate wall paint and cabinet paint by simply choosing colors that are on the opposing side of the color wheel. For example, if your walls are red, blue or gray green, you can use a color wheel and see that you can and should paint your cabinet’s browns, golds, yellows and greens. You can find a color wheel online. Most paint and decor sites online, such as This Old House, say that by choosing contrasting colors on the color wheel you will create a cleaner and more bright room than if they were paired with like-hued colors. It also breaks the room up a little bit and gives it layers of colors instead of the same one or two colors over and over again – boring.


When choosing things like window treatments, hardware, appliances for the kitchen and furniture for the kitchen, be sure to paint the cabinets a warm color. For example, if you paint your cabinet’s chocolate brown, use silver or stainless steel hardware along with likeminded colors closely related to chocolate brown such as tans, beiges and deep yellows. On the other hand, if you paint your cabinet’s robin egg blue, make sure you use silver or stainless steel hardware along with colors that look good with your walls – white is a good option, flooring, accessories, etc.

Extreme Colors

Of course there is an exception to every rule! For instance, I have seen kitchens painted by a top kitchen painter in South Orange where it included some crazy colors like lime greens, subdued yellows and baby blues – but you also have to consider the locale of the house. This specific house was in the tropics of Florida, on a little island named Ismarelda – very tropical, very old homes, but with modern features. I think that in that case bold colors like limey green and honey yellow go superb, but it’s not something I would exactly suggest for a home in the country. For country colors I might suggest something like white, beige or yellow. For a modern look try mocha, red and slate.

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