Unique Bathroom Design Trends

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Each year, new trends in bathroom design emerge, including those that incorporate paint colors that can enhance a room’s entire look and feel. When considering a bathroom makeover project, keep some of these top picks for unique design and color combinations in mind. From wood décor to the use of organic materials and unexpected colors, there are fresh design options available to suit every homeowner’s preference. To learn more about this year’s trending bathroom design picks, consult with a house painter near you who can kick start a bathroom re-design project today.

Incorporating Wood

When it comes to new bathroom design trends and color combinations, incorporating wood is at the front of the line for design style in 2017. For years, tile has been the preferred element to bring personality and character into a bathroom’s design. Today, this is no longer the case. Currently, wood is taking the place of bathroom tiles and in a major way. Sophisticated real wood is not only being used for flooring, but it is being used within showers. It can be used as an appealing backsplash for the entire bathroom space and it is being combined with beautiful color combinations for an inspiring look.

For instance, wood is now used to cover entire walls which creates a beautiful backdrop that homeowners can enjoy day in and day out. In another variation, many of today’s bathroom walls feature beautiful shiplap designs that are increasingly trending this year, as are wood paneling that has been painted in alternating colors. When it comes to wood flooring, wood can be laid in fun patterns for a wow-factor within the bathroom. Keep in mind that wood is a very porous material that can expand and contract in humid bathroom spaces. Consult with a professional residential painter in New Jersey to learn more about how to properly seal and paint wood within a bathroom.

Industrial Materials & Bright Colors

For a trendy contrast, industrial materials such as concrete counters, heavy metal piping, metal tiles, deep metal or concrete sinks, multi-functional cabinetry, exposed brick, hanging lighting, and sleek sight lines are all being paired with bold, bright bathroom colors for a modern, industrial feel. As a memorable design style, an industrial look is reminiscent of heavy production trades such as construction work or manufacturing. These styles, when paired with bold pops of color, create a striking contrast that maximizes the use of the space for the most visual appeal. What’s more is that an industrial style provides an edgy, urban look that is uniquely subdued when an unexpected color is paired with it. When pairing non-conventional design elements together, homeowners can surely create a fun, chic, and awe-inspiring look that will be sure to be a crowd-pleaser within the home.

Non-Traditional Shapes

Another popular bathroom design trend for this year is the use of non-traditional geometric shapes and patterns. Geometric shapes and patterns can be both subtle or bold depending on the homeowner’s personal preferences. As a creative design element, non-traditional shapes can be used for both walls and floors and can be enhanced with the right paint color for the room. For instance, pairing white geometric, octagon-shaped tiles with a less common pop of color on the walls such as bold blue, bright yellow, or even red, is a huge trend this year. Another trend is white geometric tiles paired with sporadically placed colored tiles to make very unique patterns throughout the bathroom. This look is one-of-a-kind and homeowners can really improve the space by incorporating this exciting design trend. Geometric tile also looks great when paired with neutral color palettes. With so many variations, geometric shapes can make a bold statement within in any bathroom’s interior design.

Unique Bathroom Design Trends Bright ColorsWhen considering a bathroom makeover, keep in mind that there are no limits when it comes to stylish design trends for 2017. While today’s bathrooms are spaces where most homeowners seek comfort and relaxation, this does not mean that the bathroom should be designed in a boring or dated manner. On the contrary, modern bathrooms that incorporate unexpected materials such as wood, industrial features, odd shapes, and surprisingly bold colors will give the space personality, surely delighting the homeowner’s senses. Try any of these elements for a modern bathroom that is truly amazing!

To learn more about this topic, contact a residential painter in New Jersey to schedule an appointment. A professional painter can discuss these design trends and so many more!