Wallpaper Design in 2012


One of the least expensive ways to completely change the look and feel of a room is to add some wallpaper. There are many different colors, patterns and textures available to choose to incorporate into the room’s interior design. Wallpaper can be used to add depth, personality and dimension to the area. To begin with you will want to look at the overall color scheme and determine what paint colors you will be using for trim and other items in the room. If you are using wallpaper with large patterns or bright colors a great option is to use wallpaper to accent one particular wall and painting the other walls. There are some basic designs in wallpaper that are still being used and some great modern wallpaper styles available to choose from depending on the overall effect that you want the room’s interior design to convey.

There are many new ideas in wallpaper design and with the use of technology there is no limit to the types of wallpaper that can be incorporated into the interior design of a home. Wallpaper is one design element that can be used along with other elements such as furnishings, fixtures and interior paint colors to make a room make a complete design statement. All of these elements should be carefully considered when designing or choosing the latest in wallpaper design.

Patterns are still in for today’s modern wallpaper design. Stripes with alternating black and gray can accent walls in a room where the design needs straight lines or geometric shapes. There are also some exquisite classical patterns that are being used in today’s wallpaper design some a little retro, but still modern and sophisticated.

With the latest printing capabilities almost any type of texture or colors can be used to add life to some of the most classic patterns and designs. Big patterns are also still in and can be a great addition to a single wall so that it is not overwhelming; large prints should add the perfect fascinating touch to the room’s interior décor. Patterns like these can be rather complicated especially when compared with prints and patterns from the past, thanks to the latest printing technology.

One of the neatest modifications in wallpaper designs thanks to the latest technological advancements is to take a photo and enlarge it. It can then be made into wall paper so that the wall in your room can look like the book filled shelves from a library, or the cockpit of an airplane. Some even use the photo of a skyline as it is viewed from a window. An interior design specialist can choose any picture and order it in whatever size needed to cover the wall. This panel of wallpaper can have a stunning effect in a room and add a new dimension to interior design.

Modern wallpaper design can use greenery and patterns from nature to add texture to a room. These types of patterns can bring continuity into a room’s décor and surround the room with textures and colors.

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