What are The Shades of Yellow?


Everyone loves the color yellow. Yellow is associated with sun, fun, and excitement. No other color has the skill that yellow has of lightening your room and brightening your life. Seriously, when you think of yellow, you think of all the moments in your life when life was breezy, summery, and carefree. That’s what painting with yellow does for your home. It takes a sad, dreary room and livens it up with a spirit of laughter and happiness. And isn’t that just what you want for your home and your life, to grab as much of that cheerful optimism as possible? If you’re thinking of doing any interior or exterior painting jobs this summer, think yellow, for all the good times and sunny gladness you can get. Here are some tips on painting the interior or exterior of your Livingston home with all the glorious shades and tints of yellow available in paint colors today.


Of course, you don’t have to paint any part of your home’s interior yellow … but if you’re looking to cheer up a bleak, colorless room, painting with yellow is a must. Yellow and all its wonderful variations are perfect for any and every room of the house, no matter what’s going on with your interior design.

Kitchen painting
If you’re like a lot of your Livingston neighbors, you love a bright, lively kitchen. No other room of the house sees more spirited activity, chit-chat, and fun than this active room. And that is precisely why yellow is the ideal paint color for the kitchen. If you’re partial to vivid and cheery, try Benjamin Moore’s buoyant colors of ‘yellow highlighter’ or ‘banana yellow.’ If you’re someone who loves yellow, but you like a more toned-down form of it, try their more subdued ‘wildflowers,’ ‘little dipper,’ or how about this one for sheer optimism … ‘little angel’!

Bathroom painting
Yellow in a bathroom has so many functions that it’s almost a crime not to paint with it! Truly, yellow can be romantic, like when painting with Sherwin Williams’ ‘lantern light’ or ‘butter up.’ It can be gleeful, in such Benjamin Moore shades and tints as ‘pure joy’ and ‘golden orchards.’ Or it can be low-key, like in the creamy styles of Sherwin Williams’ ‘cachet cream’ and Benjamin Moore’s ‘governors gold.’ And don’t forget the accents and fixtures in both kitchen painting and bathroom painting. Because it’s a primary color, yellow mixes beautifully with just about every other color on the planet. Any form of yellow combined with white, black, red, or blue can take ordinary trims and fixtures and make them delightful conversation pieces in no time.


Yellow is getting to be a downright household word for exterior house painting. And what’s so great about yellow is its many spectacular forms that are anything but common. If you’re a bold sort, try painting the entire exterior of your house with yellow to mix with your radiant personality. A yellow house contrasted with stark white trim will make your home pop. And watch the cars slow down to get a longer look at the most stunning house on the block! If you opt for Benjamin Moore’s ‘yellow lotus’ or ‘lemon sorbet’ … forget it! No one will be able to stop talking about the transformation of that house that used to fade into the background. Or how about something a bit more on the colonial side, like Sherwin Williams’ ‘butterscotch’ or ‘torchlight,’ for a traditional variation on the versatility of the color yellow? Yellow trims, entranceways, and doors are gaining in popularity like never before in exterior painting projects, and for good reason … yellow and all its cohorts can make every area of your Livingston home a thing of beauty.

Yellow isn’t just a color. It’s a sunshiny feeling. It’s a special kind of optimism. It’s a way of life that lets the good times flow and the happiness grow. The shades and tints of this gorgeous primary color can’t be beat when it comes to transforming a room with infectious enthusiasm and all-around inspiration. And there are so many stunning and fun variations of yellow in paint stores today, there is no going wrong when painting with the glorious color yellow.

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