5 Worst Colors for the Kitchen

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Colors can evoke many feelings within people that can cause changes in their mood. For example, red is a color typically associated with appetite and strength. Green is a color that is often related to relaxation. And gray is a color that is routinely connected to somber moods. So, when it comes to modern-day kitchen design, the right choice in the room’s paint color can have major impacts on the room’s occupants. The right color can vastly enhance the space, making it a more inviting atmosphere, whereas the wrong color can put a damper on everyone’s spirits. When deciding on the best paint color, homeowners should keep this in mind so they can avoid colors that may result in a less-than-welcoming kitchen experience. Here are some of the things that top NJ painters have to say about the worst colors for today’s kitchens.


In the past, eggshell was a reliable, go-to color for kitchens across the country. Considered a very safe paint hue, eggshell was even a real estate industry favorite for many years, with numerous real estate agents advising homeowners to use this neutral color throughout the home if they wanted to quickly sell it and appeal to more buyers. However, as time has progressed eggshell has become an outdated color, reminiscent of a bygone era. Today, eggshell can make a kitchen look bland and dated. This color is now considered a shade that is lacking in personality and it should be avoided at all costs in today’s kitchen spaces.

Darker Shades of Gray

As may be expected, the color gray is often characterized as a gloomy color that may not be the best fit for a kitchen. This is especially true for darker shades of gray. Dark gray including slates and even off-black colors are not recommended for the kitchen. While gray is a modern color that is trending for other areas of today’s homes, this color does not elicit the most welcoming of experiences when it comes to kitchen decor. In fact, dark gray is known to have the opposite effect and can result in an uninviting experience. Kitchens are typically gathering spaces where family and friends can prepare, cook, and share meals. There is no worse way to enjoy a delicious meal than in a room that is dark, glum, and inhospitable.


Voted as the world’s ugliest paint color, pantone 448C is bad news for kitchens. This color, having been likened to dirt and grime, is a color in the green-brown family that researchers have found even elicits feelings of danger within test subjects. As a color that reduces the appeal of kitchens, it should be avoided, especially if the homeowner is trying to sell their home. This is because pantone decreases the value of the property because of its unattractive qualities. It has even been dubbed cringeworthy at best and has been used in smoking cessation programs to get smokers to kick their cigarette habits! This is one color that should never be used to cover the four walls of a kitchen.

Worst Colors for the KitchenConsider Cabinetry

Another common mistake that homeowners make is to match their paint colors with their cabinetry. For example, they may paint their walls white when the kitchen already has white cabinetry. Or they may paint the walls brown when their cabinets are already wood stained. When choosing the best color for the kitchen, most professional interior painters suggest creating contrast between the walls and the cabinets. This could include choosing cool colors like blues, crisp whites, and even greens to contrast with warm cabinets. Alternatively, choose warm, neutral colors such as earthy tones, reds, or yellows to go with cooler colored cabinets. This can create a dramatic and beautiful look within the kitchen that all can enjoy.

Certain colors can produce different feelings and emotions in people. Therefore, when it comes to kitchens, it is important that the color of the room encourage positive feelings so the room’s inhabitants can have the best social and dining experiences possible. While some colors may be befitting for other interiors, including the bedroom or a bathroom, these same colors could make a kitchen feel far from inviting. A kitchen is often considered the heart of the home. And although personal tastes may come into play when deciding on which color to paint a kitchen, avoid certain colors like eggshell, dark gray, and pantone for the best experiences possible.

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