Most people believe that it isn’t necessary to check references.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The current economic situation has made it imperative that you check references and not just customer reference but bank and vendor references too.

My dad started the company in 1960 and we have worked diligently to build a reputable and financially stable company.


We not only provide 100 customer references, we also provide references from our banker and our key vendors.

Any painting contractor should be able to come up with a few good references but if you really want to know how good a company is ask them for at least 20 customer references and references from their bank and key vendors.

Even small painting contractors complete 25 jobs a year so asking for 20 references shouldn’t be a big deal.

Bank Letter: Additional assurance that they are financially stable. Well-established painting contractors should provide a current letter of reference from their bank. This provides additional assurance that they are financially stable.

Vendor Letters: Evidence that they pays their bills. Painting contractors that are unable to provide letters of reference from their vendors may be having trouble paying their bills.

There have been countless stories in the press about contractors running off with a homeowner’s deposit. Contractors that aren’t current are not going to get the best pricing or may have problems getting material on the date promised due to credit problems.

Customer References: Evidence of Consistent Success. We provide homeowners with a list of 100 references for recently completed painting or wallpaper projects. Contractors who only provide 3 or 4 references may not deliver a consistent service. Any contractor can find some satisfied customers. If a contractor can’t supply at least 20 recent references beware.

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