Black and White Retro Paint Design

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Black and White Retro paint Design - Living Room

There are some combinations that are just classic: spaghetti and meatballs, meat and potatoes, peanut butter and jelly. No matter how you dress them up or down, they will always be the perfect pair. In paint choices, nothing is more intrinsically classic than black and white. And the simple elegance of black and white is making a major comeback in interior design.

Paint is always the easiest choice when looking for a change in interior design. A great job done by a professional interior painter will have not only walls, but also some furniture pieces, taking on new life. Top interior painters in Madison, New Jersey can take an old living room and transform it into an Art Deco masterpiece with simple black and white paint choices.

Texture is always called for in design. It is one of the things that makes patterns interesting. For something unique, have your interior painter design color blocks using black and white paint. Stripes are another fun way to play with simple black and white paint colors. For the really adventurous, have your top professional interior painter create a statement wall by splattering black and white paint using different brush sizes. It will definitely be anything but boring black and white.

A complaint lots of homeowners have is how to decorate a unisex kid space. The answer is easy. When choosing paint colors, simple is best. Pure white walls and black trim in a nursery easily transforms into black and white stripes in a young child’s room. Staggered black and white color block designs done by a top interior paint professional in Madison for a tween and young teen’s room morphs into bold black and white geometric patterns for a young adult. Remember this is a bedroom space so make sure the interior painters understand the designs should be oversized so they do not keep a child awake at night. A kid’s personality and interests will change as they grow. With a little thought, a simple black and white interior paint choice can grow with them.

When creating your personal oasis, black and white paint choices can be simple, elegant, restful, and soothing. For your bedroom, you can take a page out of your unisex child’s book. Keep bold black and white geometric patterns oversized so that the design doesn’t look busy. Your interior painter will help you choose dimensions that won’t inhibit rest. An elegant black trim will separate your master bath from the master bedroom. The separation will also emphasize the differences in paint design. Top interior painters in Madison are adept at black and white color block paint schemes. With all of the white in your bath, the variations of the black and white color block interior paint color is an elegant and cost effective way to bring high end design to your master bathroom.


Black And White

Black trim and white walls are a timeless choice for interior paint colors. However, there are plenty of ways to make your paint choices more lavish. Most interior painters use a flat finish black paint for trim, but recently some have begun using a super high gloss finish. Top interior painters in Madison have also begun experimenting with iridescent paint colors, and homeowners are raving. Using iridescent paints, interior painters in Madison are taking iridescent black interior trim, and adding a hint of the rainbow when sunlight hits the paint. The results are breathtaking.

With the resurgence of retro design, black and white interior paint colors are again becoming fashionable. However, this simple interior paint design has always been a flawless example of timeless elegance. From the Roaring 20’s to 90’s grunge to 21st century aesthetics, black and white interior paint colors have always been a perfect choice. Statement walls, unisex bedrooms, high end bathrooms, even the kitchen are all fantastic displays of how incredibly elegant black and white can be. It simply takes a little thought behind the design. However, once you see the results, you can definitely give yourself a small nod of approval.