Colors That Will Make You Hungry

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When it comes to one’s appetite, there is no better thought than a plate of mouth-watering, delicious food! From appetizers, to the main course, to dessert, the thought of a hearty meal can send anyone straight to the kitchen for a delightful treat. But, what most people do not realize is that it’s not only the thought of the food that could be encouraging an appetite, it could also be the surroundings within the room, including the paint color. Researchers have actually found that there are colors that can enhance one’s mood while quickly increasing an appetite. Read on to learn more about color and which one’s lead to increased hunger. Contact a top NJ painter today who can recommend the best paint colors to choose for the greatest kitchen or dining room experience.

What is Color Theory?

Researchers have found that there is a psychology related to food consumption and color. When it comes to dining experiences, there is a much larger context that includes not only the food that will be consumed, but also the colors associated with hunger and eating. For instance, the color of packaging, plating presentation, or even the décor used within the restaurant, such as the wall’s paint colors, can all have an impact on appetite. In fact, researchers have found that specific colors actually lead to increased hunger in many people. Here are some of the top colors known to increase appetite:

  • Turquoise – The color turquoise is a bright, stimulating color that is associated with joy, happiness, and hunger. As a favorite in cake decorating, plating design, and food presentation, the color turquoise is known to increase food consumption and is an excellent addition as a kitchen or dining room paint color.
  • Yellow – Ever notice how the color yellow is used by fast food restaurants around the world? For instance, fast food restaurants like McDonalds and Burger King both use yellow in their signage and decor. This is no accident! The color yellow is a cheery stimulant that puts people in a good mood. It is also a color that encourages them to eat more.
  • Green – The color green reminds people of abundance, health, and nature. While it can also be considered a relaxing color when used in bedrooms or bathrooms, green can stimulate thoughts of dieting or snacking on leafy veggies and fruits when it is used as a kitchen or dining room paint color.
  • Red – Red is another stimulating color that is known to encourage hunger. It can promote thoughts that involve meals and it can make a person’s stomach grumble when presented in a dining atmosphere. However, since red is so powerful, it is usually combined with another color like yellow or white to diminish its dominant appearance.

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Colors to Avoid

While there are many colors that enhance mood and appetite, here are a few colors to avoid in the kitchen or the dining room for the best eating experience:

  • Dark gray – Dark gray is known to decrease appetite and actually make people avoid food. Consider this, why is it that restaurants are rarely painted in all gray? This is because gray is characterized as a gloomy, dismal color that diminishes one’s mood, actually decreasing the appetite.
  • Black – Black is another color that does little to stimulate hunger. Similar to gray, black can quickly decrease appetite and diminish a good mood. And who can think about enjoying a hearty meal when they are in a bad mood?
  • Pantone – Pantone is a greenish-brown color has been deemed by color researchers as the ugliest color in the world. This color is often associated with dirt, grime, and even sewage—all of which are vastly unappealing when it comes to appetite. In general, this darker color can remind people of food that has been overcooked, which is an unappetizing thought to most. This color has even been used in smoking cessation programs to stop cigarette habits!
  • Blue – Blue (excluding turquoise) is a relaxing color that is better reserved for bedrooms. The color blue in its purest form, and even in its many cooler variations, does not make people want to eat. Instead it calms people down and encourages a good night’s rest! When people are calm they are less likely to want to enjoy a good meal.

When it comes to eating, research has proven that the right color can actually sway a person’s mood directly towards their next meal. According to the psychology of color, there are colors that can either increase a person’s appetite or suppress it. So, when it comes to kitchen and dining room paint colors there are certainly some preferable, go-to hues to choose from. To learn more about the best and worst paint colors for a kitchen or dining room, contact a residential house painter near you for expert advice and insight into today’s appetite-increasing paint color options.