Darker Paint is Better

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When a lot of people are thinking about paint colors for their inside rooms, they very rarely think of dark colors. Most people are afraid to do something so dramatic because they think it will somehow look or feel dark, gloomy or depressing. But that’s just the paint on the walls, you can add in color in many other ways, by also having the walls a dark tone! If you have ever been afraid to paint your walls dark colors, but you wondered as well what the real benefits of painting them dark would be, you’re in luck because this article is ALL about just that.

Dramatic and Glamorous

Dark paint has this amazingly easy way of making any space look like its oozing with glamour. To be honest, there’s no way around it, dark colors, even black, can really elevate a room better than any other colors out there. In fact, painting your walls black will make you think of chic boutique hotels, old glitzy Hollywood stars from way back when as well as fancy dinner parties. Dark colors are incredibly glamorous, but if you aren’t ready to paint a wall or all four walls black or another dark color just yet, consider just painting the doors a dark color and see if you can live with that for a while. Darkly painted doors have a really glam effect too, but in a small surface area that uses much less paint. If you can live with it, maybe it’s about time to start thinking about taking it from the doors to the walls.

Black Makes Other Colors Pop

Most people think that a white room will accentuate the other colors in the room, but nothing is better for emphasizing other colors, than a dark room, even a black room. Art, for instance, looks amazing against a dark wall. This works really well if you have a really colorful, bright and dramatic piece or a few if you’ve been collecting and you can use the black wall, as an accent wall to hang those pieces on. The results is something along the lines of WOWZA! Seriously, try it, the effect is absolutely stunning. Start with just one wall, if you really love it, then you can think about adding more dark walls to the mix. Also, other “colors” like accents with pillows, blankets, heck even colorful cover art on a book is a great way to make the room really pop alongside the dark wall.

Black Paint Hides Imperfections

When most people paint a room, they have to do a lot of prepping with the walls. They either have to fill in a lot of holes and or cracks, or they have to choose a paint sheen that will hide imperfections in the wall. An easier way of going about this is to use dark paint! Dark paint is one of the best colors to hide imperfections and acts like a sort of invisibility cloak to hide it all. If you really want to do an even better job of hiding holes, cracks or scratches, think about doing a dark paint that is matte. If you want something shiny like hi gloss, this won’t work as well because in order to use Hi gloss you have to have an almost perfect wall. One of the best things you can do is get yourself some samples of different dark colors, paint a nice big swatch of paint for each color in different areas of the wall. Then revisit those colors again and again; different times of the day, and see which ones you like the best, this will also help you see what colors look like when the light reflects off of them.

Dark Is Rare

Chances are if you walk into your neighbor’s house, your parent’s house or your friend’s house, everyone has these really light or neutral colors. Dark colored walls? That’s rare to find. It’s not something that just everyone goes out and does, mainly because they think they won’t like it, but also because, like you, they might be a little scared to do it. That’s okay. That’s why you take the tips from above and slowly move into this at a comfortable pace. When you do it, though, you will be amazed, that even though this is a rare movement, that it does look amazing. If you want the same old same old color that everyone else has, pick white or tan or mauve. If you want to make a courageous move and you want people to be shocked when they visit your home (shocked in a good way!) dark walls are the way to go!

You’re probably thinking about doing this to your walls now, but your natural state of mind is probably also telling you to think about it for a few more days, weeks, months. Don’t listen to your natural state of mind, try it! If you like one wall, awesome, try two, if you like two, great, try four!