Historic Homes in Chatham

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Historic Homes in Chatham

When searching for a home, many buyers look for a house with “character” or “charm”. Many modern buildings and condominiums are lacking that specific look. Homebuyers are now becoming homeowners of historic homes. These grand dames of houses are becoming the most sought after and design inspiring of living spaces.

With renewed interests in period specific restoration of historic homes many people are looking for unique ways to remain true to the spirit of the integrity of the time period while adding 21st century flair.  There are countless ways of incorporating modernity into an historic home. Most of the work should be done by a licensed professional, such as a professional house painter in Chatham. Top local painters like those in Chatham, NJ, are usually more knowledgeable about color schemes and paint choices that were original to the era of the historic home.

Traditional Exterior Design

House painters in Chatham can guide homeowners through the nuances of color choices for the exterior of their homes, while interior painters can help with color schemes that will seamlessly flow from room to room inside. A visit to the local historical society can also give you a sense of gradients of color, since the actual colors could not be photographed during the homes’ heyday. One of your first stops should be to your local historical home museum. Most towns have at least one home that has been converted into a town museum. A quick jaunt there can be informative of your town’s history as well as give plenty of ideas for the restoration of your historic home.

A great idea would be to have your local house painter accompany you to the historical home museum. Here you can discuss what paint choices would be period appropriate for your home while still incorporating your particular design style. Bright white, while functional, may not work as well as a creamy eggshell in a guest bedroom. While emerald is a lovely shade of green, a dark hunter green might work best as an exterior trim color. Your local house painter in Chatham will be able to guide you to your historically appropriate house paint colors.

A visit to your local historical society would also be a great idea. Here you can meet with men and women passionate about preserving the grandeur and scale of your home. They will be one of your best sources of inspiration, giving you massive amounts of information concerning your home, and even how to care for all of those details that you fell in love with. The members of the historical society will be able to point you to top interior painters In Chatham who will guide you to the modern twists on period colors that will allow your home to remain true to the spirit of the integrity of the time period while adding 21st century flair.  The historical society will also guide you to house painters in Chatham who will help you articulate the historically accurate vision you have for your home.Historic Homes in Chatham - Georgian Style Mansion

Historical Records

A visit to your local town hall of records can help give you an idea of what your historical home may have looked like. Here you may find schematics and possibly design details that are specific to your home. For most grand style homes, builders and owners alike wanted to make sure that their grand façades would endure.  If nothing else, you may come across photographs of your home in various stages of build. Your home is a period piece. It is a reminder of yesteryear. And yes, while 600+ TV channels and heated tile flooring is fantastic, they are not the only thing of beauty that is your home. The paint colors of your home are a backdrop to the richness of your homes history, and the canvas that your family will draw memories on. The colors in and outside of your historic house will add to the “charm” and “character” of the house. Your family will give life and vibrancy that will once again transform this historic house into a home.