Historic Homes in Summit

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Historic Homes in Summit

Restoration of historic homes is fast becoming a national passion. Reclaiming the history and prestige of yesteryear while adding modern comforts has gained a very loyal following in the real estate market. Blogs, adjunct historical societies, and trades that specialize in restoration over renovation are quickly transitioning from trends to staples of home ownership. Historically accurate homes with distinctive characteristics in cities that boast a diverse urban renewal heritage are becoming the most sought after of homes.

NJ History Comes Alive

There are very few New Jersey cities that boast an eclectic mix of an historical and modern architectural heritage. Summit, NJ is one of those few unique cities. Quite a few of these buildings have been well maintained throughout the years, so they are mostly intact. The architectural heritage of summit includes buildings spanning dates from the mid-18th century through 21st centuries.

With such an eclectic mix of architectural styles, it is not surprising to note that there are a good amount of structures in Summit listed on the National Register of Historical Places. With such prestigious accolades, finding a painter who specializes in historic restoration who will be able to help preserve your historic home will not be easy. With the boom in home restoration, top interior painters in Summit will be able to offer you varied options on restoring period specific paint design while still utilizing modern color palettes.

There are no common styles of historic homes in Summit. Therefore, it is especially important that you consult with your house painter as well as your interior painter in Summit. Both of these top paint professionals will be able to narrow your paint design requirements to the period specific details of your historic home. The interior and exterior paint design will enhance the beauty of your historic home.

House painters in Summit will be able to guide home owners through the period specific paint details of their home. Top house painters will make sure that the color palettes that historical home owners choose are in accordance with the style of the historic homes in Summit. While one home may be representative of the neoclassical style, another may be a stone Romanesque, while a third may be reminiscent of a Colonial Revival house. These styles and more are represented in Summit, NJ, and house painters will help historic home owners choose paint color designs that will bring out the beauty of their historic home.

Town Museum

Historic Homes in Summit - Historic MansionMost towns have at least one historical home that has been converted into a town museum. A visit here should be one of your first stops.  A jaunt to your local historical society would also be a great idea. Here you can meet with men and women passionate about preserving the grandeur and scale of your home. A great idea would be to have your local house painter and interior painter accompany you. An added bonus is that the historical society and historic museum will be able to vet the top house and interior painters you have contracted with. Both entities will have a detailed list of trades companies that specialize in restoration of historic homes. You can be assured they will inform you of truly knowledgeable top house and interior painters in Summit.

Summit is one of a few New Jersey cities with a unique historical architectural heritage. The residential homes of Summit’s heritage are diverse in style, generally well maintained and still largely intact. These majestic homes have details and characteristics that can be highlighted with minimal effort. The elegance of your home’s interior and exterior does not require all the bells and whistles of the latest technological advancement. The beauty of your historic home will shine through. Simple modern color palettes of historically accurate paint color choices can take a beautiful old home from dated to dramatic.