How to Choose a Paint Finish

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One of the most basic rules to remember about paint sheens is this; the higher the sheen the higher the shine, the higher the shine, the more durable the paint is going to be and, therefore, the easier it will be to clean.  Don’t get me wrong, things like eggshell are great, but for a kids room or the kitchen it might not be the best option because it’s difficult or more difficult to keep clean than other paint sheens.  Below, you will see a variety of paints, the benefits of using them and even further down you will see some tips on creating the best-painted wall possible!

Types Of Paint Sheens Available

Flat – Also known as matte sheen, is a low sheen type of paint, it’s incredibly easy to clean, and it’s good for low traffic areas, as well as ceilings.  In fact, it’s perfect for ceilings.

Flat Enamel – This has a low luster appearance, but it’s a great option for low-traffic areas to moderate traffic areas like the bedroom, adults, not kids.

Eggshell – This paint sheen has a somewhat soft and almost velvety appearance to it, it’s also a very good option for moderate traffic areas, such as living rooms.

Satin Enamel – This one is really cool because the look of it is similar to a pearl, perfect for moderate to high traffic areas and it’s also good for sections of the home where you might have some moisture, such as the kitchen.

Semi-Gloss Enamel – This offers a really radiant sheen to it and it can be used on cabinets, walls or even cabinets.  Since this one is starting to get more in the shiny category, as expected it’s nice for high traffic areas as well as high moisture areas – such as bathrooms.  In fact, a lot of people put this type of paint in their bathroom because of how well it stands up to the moisture.  It’s definitely the perfect choice.

Hi-Gloss Enamel – Last but not least, hi-gloss enamel is a very brilliant, bright and ultra shiny look, it has an almost glass-like look to it.  This is the king of all king paints and can be used in any of the areas mentioned before, as well as any other part of the house you can think of.  It’s incredibly durable, very easy to clean and keep maintained.  To wipe, simply use a wet cloth and wipe away any dirt, dust or spills.

Finishes For Paint

Colors obviously come by the millions, but if a paint says it’s a certain finish, it doesn’t matter the brand, they are all pretty much the same, despite the brand or color.  When it comes to sheens, they depend on washability and of course luster or lack thereof.  Most brands will have four or five finishes to choose from such as flat, matte, high gloss, etc.  The glossier the finish the higher level of resin that is put into the paint.  From a visual standpoint more sheen creates more visual interest whereas less sheen creates less.

Prepping Your Walls

If you are having a house painter in Bernardsville come in and do this paint job for you or you are doing it yourself, the first thing you have to realize is that the surface is everything.  A professional house painter will be able to explain of your options to you and will suggest the best option for every room.  If you have a dirty, blemished or already painted wall and you try to paint over it without prepping the wall or adding primer, chances are the wall will look bumpy, streaky or just plain bad when you add the new coats of paint onto it.  Don’t do this!  It’s a little more time involved but it’s worth it if you do it right the first time.  Make sure you clean the walls with water and a rag, make sure you also use a primer underneath it all and use the right tools ie; brushes for the edges and trim, rollers (the good ones!) for the main part of the wall.

Semi Gloss

One thing to remember about semi gloss is not only is it durable to stains and spills, but its durable to you cleaning the walls too.  Not all paint surfaces can say this.  If you take a rag to your wall right now, will the paint smudge?  Will it start to come off?  Possibly.  With Semi Gloss, you don’t have to worry about this because this is what the paint is designed to be used for.  This is why it’s a good option for kitchens, bathrooms, closets, door trim and even kids rooms.  Generally speaking the shinier the paint the easier it will be to clean!

When it comes to paint there are a slew of other things to be aware of or have knowledge about, but you sort of learn as you go.  The above tips should get you started in creating your next masterpiece.