How to Choose a Residential Painter

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Residential Painter

One simple and cost effective way to spruce up a home’s interior is by giving the walls a fresh coat of paint. A new wall color can bring life into a home—taking it from uninspiring to fabulous in no time. To kick start a home interior painting project seek the assistance of a professional residential house painter. Here are a few tips on how to choose the best painter for the job.

The first step in choosing a house painter is to conduct adequate research. Research may include asking neighbors, friends, and family for a recommendation. It may also include searching for a painter online. When searching online, take a look at different painters’ websites for specific information about their services. A website can provide important information regarding the painter’s level of expertise. For example, many websites will feature testimonials or before and after pictures that provide a glimpse into the contractor’s workmanship. For further clarity, refer to trustworthy directories like Yelp or Angie’s List for detailed reviews from real customers who can attest to what it was like to work with the painter.

From this initial research gather a list of potential residential house painters to contact. When considering these prospects, make sure the contractor is licensed to perform work within the state of residence, in addition to having adequate insurance. At minimum, they should have general liability insurance to cover both themselves and the homeowner in the event of something unexpected occurring during the course of the project. Lastly, consider how long the painter has been in business and if they have enough years of experience to get the job done right.

Next, contact each house painter and schedule an initial consultation. During this consultation the house painter should arrive on-time, they should be prepared for the meeting and they should treat the customer in a courteous, professional manner. Also pay close attention to the following:

  • Does the painter ask the homeowner many qualifying questions to get to the heart of their painting needs?
  • Is the painter willing to furnish copies of their insurance paperwork and/or proof of licensure without hesitation?
  • Does the painter have recent references readily available and upon request?
  • Is the painter knowledgeable in the various paints and materials that may be used for the project? Are they able to provide recommendations on materials they deem the most appropriate for the project at hand?
  • Does the painter discuss how they work? For instance, will he or she perform the job themselves? Or will they have subcontractors or other employees present?
  • Does the painter mention the kind of prep work that will be required before they start the project? What will be required of the homeowner during this time?

Choose a Residential PainterThe contractor should also provide a formal, written estimate that itemizes the labor to be performed as well as the specific materials that will be used. Keep in mind that while cost is very important, it should not be the sole deciding factor for hiring the painter. Remember, hiring a professional is an investment and there is no worse feeling than bringing on a painting contractor who does sub-standard work and then having to hire a more high-end painter to come and fix the first painter’s mistakes. Keeping each of these tips in mind will ensure only the best professional painter is chosen for the job. In total, the homeowner should meet with at least three contractors and compare the bids received from each of them. The homeowner should think about which painter made the best first impression. This will help in narrowing down the list to the one contractor who is the best fit for the project.

Contact a professional house painter near you who can provide further guidelines on how to paint a home’s interior. Homeowners can make the most informed decision by carefully conducting research and by also taking a well-rounded approach to narrowing down a list of potential painters. The benefits of choosing the right contractor the first time around are endless. The right paint color can bring both energy and comfort into a home and a homeowner can be well on their way to the room of their dreams by choosing a painter who will get the job done right with high standards of workmanship.