How to Choose an Interior House Painter

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Interior House Painting

The decision to paint a home’s interior can make a huge difference in the homeowner’s living experience.  From making the home more attractive to increasing the overall resell value of the home, the benefits are almost endless.  This is why it is so important to choose the right interior house painter for the project.  The right painting contractor can perfect the home’s improvement for expert results.  For homeowners who need a place to start when searching for a house painter, here are a few simple guidelines on choosing the best house painter in NJ.

The Right Painter for the Job

Choosing the right painter for the job can help to alleviate the stress associated with such a massive undertaking.  From choosing the perfect paint color, to choosing the best quality paint, to preparing the home’s surfaces, a professional can lead the project for the desired end results.  For homeowners who have never hired a professional painter before, here are a few steps to make the most educated decision:

  1. Conduct Research. First conduct adequate research to find top house painters in the area.  Research can include internet searches or it can be as simple as asking friends and neighbors for recommendations.  Homeowners should also check the Better Business Bureau website for the contractor’s rating or search for other online reviews from previous customers on sites like Angie’s List.  Research should include searching for contractors who are credentialed, meaning they have adequate experience, are fully insured and can provide proof of their workmanship.  The savvy homeowner will also ask for written proof of these items.
  1. Interview Painters & Request Estimates. The next step is to call the painters directly and schedule a walk-through of the home.  During the visit, the homeowner can interview the painter and determine if they will be a good fit for the project.  During the interview the painter should demonstrate their expertise in the painting field.  They should use technical terminology and should express their knowledge of the paints and materials to be used.  They should also articulate what the process will be like when working with them, demonstrating their professionalism and also differentiating themselves from other contractors.
  1. Ask the Right Questions. During the interview the homeowner should ask as many questions as possible to determine whether or not they would like to hire the painter.  One of the top reasons for dissatisfaction among homeowners who did not end up with the results they expected, stems from not asking pertinent questions that would qualify the painter as a good fit for the job.


Questions to ask the painter:

  • How many homes do you paint per year?
  • Can you provide references from recent homeowners?
  • What is the expected timeline for the project?
  • What type of communication occurs during the painting process? For instance, are daily status updates provided?
  • Which brands of paint do you use typically use and why?

At the end of the meeting an exact estimate should be provided in writing that details the total cost of the project, including materials.  The homeowner can use this information when comparing painting services and making the final hiring decision.

  1. Making the Final Decision. Once multiple bids have been obtained, decide on the best painting contractor to hire by comparing estimates and also comparing what happened during each interview.  The homeowner should choose a contractor who is knowledgeable, professional and who listened to the homeowner’s needs.  Also, consider if they arrived on time and if they were prepared for the meeting.  Remember, above all else, homeowners should go with their gut feeling when hiring a painter.  If something about the painting contractor does not feel quite right, then move on to another painter.

The right painting contractor will be concerned about meeting the homeowner’s painting needs while also delivering high-quality results.  A top house painter in NJ will place a strong emphasis on value and excellent workmanship as well as a commitment to promptly answer any questions the homeowner has before, during and after the project’s completion.  For additional information on choosing a good painting contractor, contact Picone Painting today.