How to Choose the Best Color for The Bathroom

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Colors for The Bathroom

Choosing the right paint color for a bathroom is an exciting way to create an indoor retreat that is both functional and pleasing to look at. There is no limit when it comes to bathroom design and the perfect paint color can go a long way in a bathroom, taking it from bland to brilliant in an instant. Yet, with so many paint color options to choose from, where should one begin when searching for the best paint color? For those who don’t have extra time for a DIY project, consult with a professional residential house painter for the best advice and insider tips on choosing a new paint color. To jumpstart the design process, here are a few ideas and helpful suggestions on how to paint the bathroom in a color of a homeowner’s dreams.

Popular Color Choices

Painting a bathroom does not have to be a challenging task. In fact, a new paint color that meets the expectations of homeowners can be quickly chosen by considering the following:

  • Lighter colors such as classic white or beige can make a bathroom feel open, crisp and clean. For homeowners who are going for a simple, neat look, a lighter paint choice may be a good option.
  • Cool tones including light blues, grays or greens are calming colors that can help to create a peaceful spa-like bathroom retreat.
  • Warm neutrals like soft yellows and delicate browns are welcoming and soothing.
  • Darker colors make a statement. Colors like burgundy, plum, navy blue or brown add a hint of sophistication and drama to a bathroom.
  • Also, do not be afraid to try old, bright colors for a playful feel. Take a chance with striking colors including red, turquoise blue or plum to make a statement.

Other Considerations

Best Color for The BathroomHere are a few additional items to take into consideration when choosing a new paint color:

  • The size of the space
    To create a show stopping bathroom, one of the first things to consider is the size of the space. One common challenge that many homeowners face when painting a bathroom is choosing the right color when bathrooms are smaller in scale. Smaller or odd architectural elements, combined with the constant need for privacy, can make painting a bathroom an interesting endeavor. While not all bathrooms are small, when size is a concern choose colors that will give the illusion of an open, airy space. Such colors include basic white, beige or pale colors such as light blues or grays. What’s more is that these colors can be very calming, providing a peaceful bathroom atmosphere.
  • Consider flooring & cabinetry
    Other areas to consider when choosing a new shade of color for bathroom walls are flooring and cabinetry. Bathroom tiles, hardwood floors and wood cabinetry can come in any number of materials and colors, so it will be important to choose a color wisely that complements these elements. Tiles ranging from glass, to earthy stuccos to mosaics coupled with wood cabinets in lighter oaks, deeper mahogany’s or solid colors can all have an impact on the paint color that is chosen for the walls. There would be no worse feeling than choosing a paint color that clashes with these permanent fixtures within the room. A good rule of thumb is to visit a local house painter near you who can provide paint swatches to compare to these items to ensure the colors match well together.
  • Consider lighting
    Another important factor to consider prior to choosing a new paint color is lighting. Lighting can include both natural and artificial sources. Where rooms have limited illumination, darker paint colors may not be the best choice as these will only make the room feel much darker and closed in. Instead, rely on lighter paint colors to make the room feel more spacious. Also consider how the light reflects from bathroom mirrors or other fixtures within the room.
  • Bathroom décorSome homeowners already have a good idea of how they want to decorate their bathrooms. This may include specific color schemes for already purchased shower curtains, towels, window treatments, throw rugs or, other decorative accents. When this is the case carefully consider which wall colors will go best with this décor. When adding a new paint color to go along with these items, the bathroom can become a true reflection of the homeowner’s personal style and tastes. Paint can serve as the finishing touch that brings the entire room together.

    Ready to start a bathroom painting project? Contact a local residential house painter near you who can assist with choosing the best color for a revitalized look and feel of a bathroom today.