How to Choose the Best Color for the Bedroom

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Best Color for the Bedroom

One of the easiest ways to improve the appearance of a bedroom is to choose a new paint color. When people think of their bedrooms they often think of them as their own private oasis. Bedrooms have become synonymous with relaxation, calm and peaceful sleep. For instance, many people retreat to their bedrooms after a long day of work to enjoy quiet time such as reading a good book or of course, getting a good night’s rest. This is why homeowners should consider a paint color that complements the serenity of this relaxing space. The following are a few useful suggestions from top residential house painters on how to choose the best paint color for a bedroom.

Dreamy Blues

One of the most reliable colors used in modern bedrooms is blue. Blue is a soothing color that promotes tranquility. It serves as the perfect backdrop for a good night’s sleep. Blue comes in various hues and shades, all of which can have a very calming effect on the homeowner. From soft pale blues to deep navy blue to striking indigo, blue can bring just the right amount of balance into a bedroom for a full night of rest.

Calming Greens

Green is another calming color and it encourages feelings of tranquility. Greens in various shades ranging from muted olives, to deeper jades, to soft sea foam greens can add an instant dose of color inspiration to any bedroom. As an attractive color, green can make a bedroom feel cozy and open without dominating the space.

Invigorating Purples

Purples are a beautiful and sophisticated paint color choice that can create pleasing visual appeal in a bedroom. Colors such as lavender, deep violet or regal plums are all perfect color choices for an inviting bedroom. Historically, purple has been considered a rich and elegant color. This holds true when used in bedroom décor. Consult with a residential house painter today who can help choose the best hue of purple for a bedroom makeover.

Warm, Inviting Browns

Another excellent bedroom paint color choice is brown. Brown, by its very nature, is a warm, earthy color. Brown speaks to many people’s senses and it is a reliable color option that can be easily paired with other colors and materials for a pulled together look. These neutral colors come in an array of pure earth tones, to standard beige and taupe, to soft creams or ivory and eye-catching camel. Decorating with brown paint can create the perfect canvas for the rest of the bedroom’s décor.

Add an Accent Wall

Colors for the BedroomAccent walls are a very flattering way to incorporate a desired paint color into a bedroom. Accent walls can instantly add a pop of color to a bedroom without dominating the space. For instance, many bold, bright colors can be over-stimulating in a bedroom and actually interfere with a good night’s rest. Such colors include bright yellow and red which actually stimulate activity instead of rest. However, there are still some people who may still prefer these colors based on their own personal preferences. This is where an accent wall comes in handy. Vibrant accent wall colors such as yellow, pink, coral, red or turquoise are the perfect alternative for homeowners who only want a touch of bright color in their bedrooms. These accent walls also become great focal points to hang artwork or feature other bedroom décor for a unique, personalized look.

Today, people spend more time in their bedrooms than any other room in their home. In fact, a bedroom wall color is usually the last thing someone sees before they go to sleep and also the first thing they see as they wake up. This is why it is so important to choose a bedroom color that creates positive moods for a calming effect. The exact paint color chosen is entirely up to the homeowner’s preference. However, there are many aesthetically pleasing colors to choose from that can appeal to any homeowner’s personal tastes. Contact a local residential house painter today who can kick start a bedroom painting project. A professional painting contractor can provide more information on color combinations, paint brand choices, as well as options for various sheens of paint that can turn a bedroom into the perfect retreat.

To learn more about choosing a bedroom paint color, contact a residential painter near you today.