How to Choose the Best Color for The Dining Room

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Best Color for The Dining Room

Dining rooms can serve many purposes.  For instance, they can be formal gathering places where family and friends come together to share delicious meals or they can serve as transitional spaces that have their own separate décor from the rest of the home.  For homeowners who are searching for a quick and easy way to spruce up a dining room, consider a new coat of paint to do just the trick.  Dining room colors can be just as unique as the homeowner—no matter if their personal preference is more along the lines of timeless charm or if they prefer an eclectic blend of colors—the perfect paint color is available for the modern dining room.  Here are a few tips from leading residential house painters on how to choose the best paint color for a dining room that amazes.

Bold Dining Rooms

Instantly update a dining room with a bright, bold color.  A bold paint color is a great way to incorporate personal style into the home.  In fact, an extraordinary dining room experience can be achieved by creating just the right mood with brightly painted walls.  Choose stimulating colors such as variations of red, orange, yellow or corals.  These colors promote social interaction, encourage conversation and stimulate appetite—all of which make for the perfect family setting for celebrations and get-togethers.

Modern Schemes

A stylish, trendy and modern dining room can be achieved with the right paint color.  Today, many homeowners are foregoing the tried and true paint colors of the past.  Instead, people are choosing unexpected colors that create the perfect backdrop for memorable family dinners.  Such modern palettes include deep purples, charcoal grays, as well as muted blues for a dining room that has personality.

Relaxing Dining Rooms

A relaxed dining room atmosphere is also becoming a favorite choice for homeowners who seek a warm, welcoming dining room experience.  Colors such as cream, beige, white, off-white and cool blues are all excellent choices that help to create an airy ambiance.  These colors are refreshing and help to promote an open, harmonious flow within the dining room.

Create Drama with a Painted Ceiling

A painted ceiling is a brilliant way to add contrast and dimension to any dining room space.  Ceilings are often forgotten elements when it comes to room décor, this is especially true when it comes to painting.  Most people only focus on painting the four walls, however as painted ceilings become the norm, so do the variations in which they can be painted.  A painted ceiling is a great way to highlight architecture such as pillars, coffered or vaulted ceilings.  Hues like aqua, celery green, and deep burgundy are all good color choices for a dramatic and stylish dining room.

Colors for The Dining Room

Accent Walls

Sometimes painting an entire dining room may be a bit too daring for some, especially if the color is a bright, spectacular hue.  For those who are not committed to a room full of color, try an accent wall.  By painting one wall and leaving the rest a neutral color, a homeowner can create a breathtaking look in their dining room.  An accent wall is the perfect way to inject a dose of color into a dining room without overwhelming it.  Accent walls can come in any variety and what’s more is that accent walls create the perfect backdrop for other focal points within the room including striking buffets, china cabinets and beautiful paintings.

Today, homeowners have the freedom to makeover and design a dining room of their dreams with the strategic use of a new paint color.  Dining rooms serve as diverse spaces where homeowners can enjoy the company of friends and family while creating memories and sharing good food.  A simple and affordable painting project can completely transform the look and feel of the entire space in an instant.  As one of the most important rooms in the home, a dining room can be given new life with a fresh coat of paint.  Popular paint colors can range from cutting edge, to modern, to traditional, to fun, to organic and earthy.  The choices are almost endless.

To learn more about painting a dining room, contact a residential painter near you.  A residential painter can provide insight and expertise on how to choose the best paint color for the dining room of one’s dreams.