How to Choose the Best Color for the Kitchen

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Colors for the Kitchen

Many people’s kitchens are a direct reflection of their personal style and taste. From unique décor to cabinetry to flooring and appliances—all of these features are seamlessly tied together by one element: the color of the room! When choosing a new paint color for a kitchen one of the most important things to consider is the feeling the kitchen will emit. Kitchens are gathering places where families spend time together, sharing meals and also completing other activities. Read on to learn more about how to choose the best color for a kitchen, as well as how a residential house painter near you can assist in bringing a kitchen renovation to life.

Bright Kitchens

One of the most popular ways to paint a kitchen is with bold, invigorating colors. Kitchens are well-known for their bright, sunny atmosphere and they are viewed by many as the heart of the home. For example, kitchens are the perfect places for social gatherings with guests or for quality time with family and friends. Bright colors such as yellows, blues and inviting greens are all perfect color choices for a busy kitchen. Yellow encourages cheerfulness, especially when it comes to social gatherings. Blue is a classy kitchen color that can make a kitchen feel both bright and roomy. Green is an inviting, invigorating color that evokes feelings of optimism and excitement.

Warm, Welcoming Kitchens

For warm, welcoming kitchens, reds, oranges and browns are all go-to, reliable colors. Red, by its very nature, is stimulating. It encourages conversation, productivity and appetite. In fact, many restaurants rely on this color to create the ultimate dining experience for hungry customers. Orange is another warm color that creates an alluring kitchen. From bright oranges to deep burnt orange and more subdued variations of peach, orange provides a touch of modern charisma. Muted browns, beiges and creams are other warm colors that are quite soothing. These colors help homeowners relax while spending quality time in their kitchen spaces.

Emerging Kitchen Colors

Two trending kitchen colors for 2017 are gray and pure white. Grays ranging from cool smoky hues to deep charcoals are all making headway in contemporary kitchens. Gray is a classic color that can have many undertones, providing the homeowner with numerous color options for their kitchen space. Gray undertones include blue, violet and brown, so there are many variations of gray to choose from. With gray, a homeowner can create a flattering backdrop within their kitchen that complements their personal style, but with a touch of modern flair. Similarly, pure white is making a comeback in modern kitchens. An all-white kitchen is a simple and clean design approach that can leave a kitchen feeling both crisp and airy.

Accent Walls

Best Color for the KitchenAnother great way to paint a kitchen is through the use of accent walls. Accent walls bring a bit of creativity and personality into a kitchen space. For homeowners who have found the perfect shade of paint, but who do not want to overpower the entire room with all four walls painted in that color, an accent wall is a perfect alternative. An accent wall can become the focal point of the room, enhancing the kitchen, creating both interest and visual appeal. This is especially true for kitchens that have architectural features like breakfast nooks or other oddly shaped walls that can be painted in their own color. For instance, an unexpected pop of color is a great way to tie the entire room’s decor together for a well-balanced look and feel.

Homeowners take special interest in the color of their kitchen walls because of the many feelings that these colors evoke. From feelings of comfort to an urgency for social interactions, a new paint color can create an invigorating experience for homeowners who want to give their kitchens a facelift.

What better way to realize a vision for their newly designed kitchen than by consulting with a professional residential house painter who can assist in choosing the perfect color palette that meets the homeowner’s needs? A professional painter is a great resource for information when trying to decide upon a new paint color. Paint colors can range from bold and energizing to warm and subdued and a painting contractor can point out the differences and benefits of choosing specific shades of color that will enhance the home and please the homeowner.

To learn more about choosing a kitchen paint color, contact a residential painter near you today.