How to Choose the Best Color for The Nursery

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Best Color for The Nursery

Choosing among the many paint colors on the market today can be stressful for any homeowner, but when the color choice is for a nursery, the pressure can be immense.  This is because today’s modern nurseries are no longer the simple pastel blues and pale pinks of the past.  Today, expectant parents are decorating their little bundles’ rooms in playful colors that are beautiful and a true reflection of their personal style and taste.  For parents who are unsure of where to begin, contact a local residential house painter for a dose of color inspiration.  Here are a few helpful suggestions on choosing the best colors for a nursery to help jumpstart a nursery painting project today.

Before choosing a paint color for a nursery, it is important to first understand the psychology behind color.  Scientific research has proven that different colors can have different effects on mood.  This is why it is so important to choose the best color for not only the new baby but for the parents as well.  Newborns may not detect colors for a few months, but for adults who will spend prolonged amounts of time in the nursery, it is important to choose a color that evokes comfort, beauty and peacefulness.  Here are a few, hand-picked non-traditional nursery room colors for a dose of design inspiration:

  • Yellow
    Traditionally, yellow has been chosen as a go-to color when the sex of the baby is unknown. However, more and more parents are relying on yellow nurseries for both little boys and girls. Yellow is a color that is known for concentration. As such, it is the perfect backdrop for any nursery room. From pale yellows to subtle off-yellow buttercups, to cheerful citrus yellow—all of these variations are visually pleasing and soothing. Yellow is also a color that goes very well with other baby décor like wooden cribs and or patterned bedding.
  • Green
    Green is an increasingly popular nursery color. Cool mint greens, sophisticated sages and versatile lime greens are suitable for a boy or a girl. Much like yellow, green is a color that is conducive to concentration and learning. Green is a soothing color that is reminiscent of nature. Green can also help to make both baby and parents relaxed as they enjoy the tranquil vibe this color provides. Coupled with traditional blue and pink, green can help to create a very special look for the baby’s new room.
  • Gray
    Gray is a top choice for modern families because of its versatility and contemplative nature. Contrary to popular belief that gray is a sad or gloomy color, gray is quickly becoming the new neutral in 2017. Gray is a very classic color that works very well when combined with bright colors like yellow, pink or red. Applying gray walls in this manner provides for a fun, creative look for any nursery.
  • Orange
    Orange is another modern color that is both lively and friendly. Vibrant orange to pale variations are all acceptable for a nursery. Orange looks exceptionally well when paired with red or teal—color combinations that can be used in either a baby boy or girl’s nursery.
  • Neutrals

Colors for The Nursery

Neutrals continue to trend in 2017.  These colors provide versatility; they can be used as standalone colors or as an accent.  These universal colors are an excellent choice for a nursery.  Parents can choose between warm beiges, whites, soft chocolates, or comforting taupe for a soothing nursery room experience.

Another helpful tip to keep in mind is that once a color has been chosen, consider how the color will look in both daylight and in the night (remember, as a new parent there may be many sleepless nights to reckon with!).  Also consider the remainder of the room’s décor such as the baby’s bedding and furniture; the paint color should complement these other items.

Create the nursery room that dreams are made of by choosing one of these fun paint colors today.  While there are many paint colors to choose from, these are just some of the great options that are available for application in a modern nursery.  Remember, a nursery does not have to be a standard shade of blue or pink.  Instead a nursery can be painted in any color that is pleasing to the parents to be.

Contact a house painter near you who can perform a professional paint job worthy of the proud parents and their new bundle of joy.