How to Create a More Productive Home Office

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Productive Home Office

Working from home is growing in popularity today.  Long gone are the days were workers are tied to their cubicles.  Today’s employees are working remotely, saving on long commutes and enjoying the freedom that comes from a flexible work arrangement.  For homeowners who work from home, it is important to have a space dedicated to getting things done without being distracted by everything else that is going on in the home.  This is why it is so important to have a home office designed for productivity.  While most at-home workers think about the right seating, lighting and desk space when designing their workspace, most people forget about one very important element—paint color!  Read on to learn more about how an interior painter in NJ can help to create an effective home office that strategically uses paint color.

Paint Colors

As home work spaces continue to evolve, so does the need to improve the look of the office.  This includes improvements from a décor point of view, in addition to overall functionality and purpose.  Home office design includes comfortable furnishings as well as a cohesive color scheme, to include the color of the walls.  In this sense, paint color can be a very effective decorative element.  While most homeowners do not consider the impact that paint color can have on their mood and energy levels, paint color can either add to or detract from the working environment.  If you are looking to spruce up an existing home office or if you want to create a new home office you should consult with a house painter in NJ for help in choosing the perfect paint color.  A top New Jersey interior house painter can help you choose the best paint color for a productive home office.  For an inspiring work day, consider updating a home office with a new coat of paint.  In many instances, the right paint color can be a great solution to drab, uninspiring home offices.  Here are the top trends for inspiring home office paint colors:

Modern Paint Colors

  • Modern home office design is a top trend this year. Working environments that are redesigned for a modern touch can be stylish alternatives that reduce distractions and promote productivity.  These simple, yet functional home office designs often include paint colors that invoke minimalist and clutter-free working environments.  Such colors including white, pastels and neutrals which are all excellent options for a productive home office.


Energizing Paint Colors

  • Bring the office to life by painting the walls in an invigorating shade that’s proven to encourage productivity. Colors such as yellow, red, orange and turquoise are all high-energy colors that encourage movement and creative thinking.  These highly saturated colors can be used to paint the entire room or just on a single accent wall.  These colors are also great as surprise pops of color for built-in shelves or other painted office furniture including desks.  The right paint color can help to boost mood and energy for a successful work day.

Colors for Smaller Office Spaces

  • Home offices are often carved out of converted spaces such as nooks or even a sectioned off area of a larger room. Regarding paint colors, it is important to differentiate the space but also ensure the color chosen does not detract from accomplishing work related activities.  Neutral paint colors in small office spaces such as beige or grey become ideal for small home offices as they help to improve mental concentration.  Typically, bright colors are suggested for smaller spaces, but in a home office setting, the tighter space can feel cramped and even cluttered with a brighter hue on the walls.  For workers who prefer brighter colors in the smaller office, pops of paint colors can be added to furnishings such as built-in shelves or even a brightly painted desk.

As working from home continues to grow in popularity, so does the need to have an effective home office that is conducive to getting things done.  Working from home can be quite a challenge if the home office does not support productivity.  In order to achieve optimal outcomes while working from home, the entire design of the home office must be considered.  This includes choosing the best paint color that will help to get important tasks accomplished.  A well-designed home office layout can increase focus, encourage creativity and result in a very productive work day.  This is because paint color can impact mood, either promoting an environment where work can be completed or distracting the worker from what needs to be done.  In this sense, paint color goes hand-in-hand with functionality.  For an expert opinion on the right home office paint color, contact a NJ interior painter today who can answer any additional questions regarding the best color options that meet the needs of the homeowner.