How to Make a Bathroom Less Boring

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How to Make a Bathroom Less Boring

Today homeowners are seeking more and more ways to spruce up their living spaces and in many instances without the commitment that goes hand-in-hand with a full renovation project.  There is no better way to do this than with a new, fresh coat of paint.  A new paint color can drastically alter the look and feel of any interior space.  Paint is a quick, easy and affordable way to give a dull room new life.  This is especially true for homeowners who would like to give their bathrooms a quick update.  Bathrooms are very practical spaces but that does not mean they should lack in décor.  An updated, newly painted bathroom is a great way to showcase the homeowner’s design preferences.  Any interior painter in New Jersey knows just how important a bathroom project is.  Here are a few paint color ideas that can take a bathroom from boring to bold in an instant.

Color Inspiration

Who says bathrooms can’t be fun spaces?  Altering the wall colors in a bathroom is an excellent way to make a bathroom more fun.  There are so many different paint colors to choose from when painting a bathroom; however here are a few top contenders:

White Paint

Many homeowners discount white paint as a traditionally boring color; however this could not be any further from the truth.  The trendiest of white paint is that it provides an excellent backdrop for the rest of the bathroom’s décor.  From bold tiles to flamboyant shower curtains to brightly colored towels, crisp white bathroom walls create the perfect canvas for a homeowner who is seeking to change the look and feel of their bathroom.  White opens the door to a number of different interior design possibilities.

Grey Paint

Grey paint is also a wildly popular paint color.  From charcoal grays to lighter variations, grey is a go-to bathroom color in 2016.  This modern paint color looks great with both chrome and white finishes and it is a handsome alternative to other traditional colors.  Additionally, grey paint is an excellent background color for other brightly colored bathroom decorations.  When choosing grey paint, keep in mind that smaller bathrooms will benefit from lighter shades of grey, as these lighter tones will reflect light better, giving the room the appearance of being much larger than what it is.

Vibrant Blue Paint

Brightly colored blue paint is an excellent way to transform a drab bathroom into a fabulous oasis.  Create the perfect look in a bathroom with a brilliantly colored blue paint.  Blues that range from playful teals to bold cobalt’s to striking navies to duck egg blues are an excellent source of color inspiration.  Blue paint in a bathroom can create a personal sanctuary.  Blue, with its cool undertones, encourages feelings of relaxation and peace, perfect moods for bathroom spaces.

Tranquil Green Paint

Greens are another calming color that creates a soothing ambiance for a bathroom.  To make a fun statement, try grass green paint for an interesting and indulgent experience, rich in color.  The warmth of green paint can help homeowners create an escape after a long day’s work, putting them at ease in their relaxing bathroom setting.  This color also pairs beautifully with gold fixtures and wood finishes for a polished, pulled together look.

Painted Ceilings

Paint is not solely reserved for walls.  Today homeowners are breaking all the rules by painting their ceilings in bold colors.  This is a great way to personalize a bathroom and make it interesting.  Many homeowners are painting their ceilings for dramatic impact in their bathrooms.  This paint trend is perfect for homeowners who want to create a non-traditional focal point in their bathrooms.  Ceilings should be painted in a contrasting color from the walls.  For instance, bathroom’s walls can be painted all white and the ceiling painted gray or green.  In addition, patterns can be painted on the ceiling for the daring home owner.  An interior painter in NJ can provide tips on the best way to paint a ceiling that wows!

Bathrooms are often overlooked spaces when it comes to a home’s décor.  However, a boring bathroom can be updated with a new coat of paint for an entirely different look.  Keep a bathroom up-to-date with these easy paint ideas and trends.  For homeowners who are ready to update their bathroom today, contact an interior painter in New Jersey who can assist with the design project and provide pointers on the best paint brands and painting techniques to use.