How to Make a Kitchen Less Boring

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Make a Kitchen Less Boring

For homeowners who are considering changing the look of their kitchen, a new paint color may be the answer. Kitchens are not only the places where meals are prepared, but they are also rooms where family, friends and visitors flock together to share in delicious meals, create memories and spend time together. A drab, outdated kitchen can quickly bring down the mood of everyone on the room. This is why it is so important for homeowners to consider refreshing a dated kitchen with a new coat of paint. Read on to learn more about how top house painters in NJ are giving kitchens a facelift, providing homeowners with a much needed change in kitchen scenery. And if you have any questions about painting your kitchen don’t be afraid to contact a top house painter near you today!

Planning a Kitchen Makeover

A new paint color is a quick and inexpensive way to spruce up any kitchen. While kitchens have been traditionally painted muted, neutral colors such as warm sages, soft pinks, beiges and whites, there are new trends that lead the way for bold kitchen paint colors. Before choosing the perfect color for the kitchen, it is first important to consider the following:

  1. First, kitchens are high-traffic areas where meals are prepared. This means that smoke, steam, grease and finger prints must be taken into consideration. Therefore, choose a paint with an easy-to-clean sheen such as semi-gloss or eggshell which are both very easy to wipe down.
  1. Secondly, consider kitchen cabinetry, backsplash tiles, flooring, countertops and appliances when choosing a new kitchen color. The paint color chosen should balance with all of these elements, turning them into accents and allowing the kitchen’s new color to shine.


Reinventing Kitchens with Color

There are various ways to reinvigorate a kitchen with a new coat of paint and a change of color can change the way the entire room feels. When painting walls, decide on whether a warm or cool tone will suffice. Warm tones are welcoming and inviting whereas cooler tones are relaxing and calming. Warmer tones include oranges and reds whereas cooler tones include greens and blues. Using this as a basis for choosing the best color can help to determine the direction of the choice in paint color. Paint swatches may be obtained by taking a trip to the local home improvement store for ideas. The following are the top three kitchen paint colors for 2017:

  • Pristine White Kitchens

All-white kitchens are a huge design trend this year. White, as a paint color of choice, is making huge waves in today’s kitchen. White is a timeless color that does not overpower a space. In fact, this reliable color is both crisp and clean. This color also brightens kitchens and enhances other elements within the room, providing a cohesive, pulled together look. Many homeowners are even layering their white walls with white cabinets, countertops, tiles and furnishings for a sleek, modern look.

  • Bold Red Kitchens

Red paint brings energy into kitchen spaces. A kitchen painted red or even a kitchen with one red accent wall will make a huge impact on the room. Red is an intense color that is both unexpected and exciting. This warm color invokes feelings of vibrancy that will encourage guests and family members alike to gather in the kitchen to share in good conversation while enjoying great meals. Red stimulates the senses and is a popular color used in restaurants. Expect guests to chat and eat more if they are in a red kitchen.

  • Sunny Yellow Kitchens

Create an incredible dining experience by painting a kitchen in an invigorating shade of yellow. Yellow is a classic color that is not only welcoming but is a color that encourages energizing conversations. This bright hue is perfect for kitchens that have wood cabinets and stainless steel appliances. Yellow pairs perfectly with these elements and contrasts them beautifully for added elegance.

Purchase a can of paint in a vibrant color to make a kitchen less boring. A new paint color can bring a boring kitchen to life in an instant. A new paint color is also a quick and easy way to upgrade a kitchen. Colors such as white, red and yellow are excellent choices for a bold new look. These colors are crowd pleasers and they serve as excellent backdrops for families who have gathered together for meal times. For a kitchen that wows, contact a painting contractor in NJ who can provide advice for the next kitchen painting project. Rest assured that a professional painter can assist with choosing the right paint color for the kitchen. They can also answer any additional questions the home owner may have regarding their painting project.