How to Make White Paint Less Boring

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Make White Paint Less Boring

White is a practical, timeless color that goes with anything. White paint has traditionally been used by homeowners as a backdrop for their personal style. With white walls, homeowners could decorate their homes in any manner and also have the flexibility to re-decorate without the added worry of updating their walls. As a result, white has become the safest paint color on the market, with many people choosing it because of the blank canvas that it creates for them on their walls. White is a non-stimulating color and therefore has been characterized as a boring color. However, this does not have to be the case. White can be an exciting color if it is used correctly. If you are looking to spruce up the interior of your home contact a top house painter near you for help.

A New Outlook on White Paint

White paint has a bad reputation among home owners. Used when selling homes, white paint is a clean slate that new homeowners can work with to make the home their own. However, white paint has often been associated with having a lack of creativity or imagination. This is far from the truth as white serves as the backdrop for a homeowner’s personal taste and style. Rooms that are painted all white allow the homeowner to decorate in any manner, based on their personal design tastes. For instance, homeowners can incorporate bold pieces of artwork, furniture and other statement pieces that contrast starkly with the white paint, accentuating these furnishings for a stimulating experience. Another great benefit of white paint is that it reflects light which brightens up any interior space. This is perfect for gathering spaces such as kitchens or living rooms that can benefit from the airy, vibrant and welcoming mood that white walls inspire. White-on-White Home Décor

White-on-White Home Décor

A trendy way to use white is to incorporate white-on-white décor into the home. White-on-white is a bold way to decorate any room within the house. White-on-white can include all white bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms. All white bathrooms can include walls which are painted white as well as white cabinets and white shower tiles. Many homeowners even go as far as including white shower curtains and towels. White-on-white kitchens typically feature white walls, white cabinetry and white subway tiles. All white bedrooms have a dreamy, relaxed feel with their all white walls, white curtains and white bed linens. While there will be touches of color from other items in any of these rooms, the dominance of this color will be sure to stimulate the senses without overwhelming them. In this manner, white is no longer viewed as a bland color, but is instead the central element in the room that ties everything together.

Variations of White

Try off-whites for a slight variation on this traditional paint color. White paint comes in a wide array of both warm and cool undertones including blue, grey, yellow and brown. These variations of white help to break up the sharp contrast of this color when they are paired with other items in the room. Other renditions of white include cream, beige and egg shell paint colors. These variations of white can bring a room’s décor together for a cohesive look, with the walls being hardly noticeable because the eyes are drawn to the other items within the room.

White paint does not have to be boring. White is a fresh, clean color that people will either embrace or despise. For homeowners who appreciate white paint, this color is a great way to accentuate other items within the room. White-on-white décor is another way to spruce up bare white walls, as is using another variation of white to break up the monotony of the color. White is especially beneficial for homeowners who like to change the look of their homes by re-decorating often. For expert advice on the various ways in which white paint can be incorporated into the home contact an interior painter near you today. White does not have to be the safe, reliable color that it has been in the past. Today, white paint has the potential to transform rooms, giving them character and charm. Consider white paint for the next room makeover.