How to Prevent Exterior Paint From Aging

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Prevent Exterior Paint From Aging

The home’s exterior is the first thing visitors, neighbors and even the homeowner will notice upon entering a home.  Visible damage to the paint can be unsightly.  It is usually very noticeable and it takes away from the original beauty of the home.  The home could feature fabulous architecture, however, if the paint is peeling or fading, the overall image of the home will be diminished.  It is important for every property owner to educate themselves on ways to care for their home’s painted exterior.  Proper care will provide the home owner with a number of ways to preserve the look of their home.  Read on to learn valuable tips and tricks that prevent exterior paint from aging.

According to the Manufacturer

The first step is to review the manufacturer’s suggestions regarding proper care for the brand of paint that was used on the home.  While, exterior paint is specially formulated to withstand harsh outside conditions, this does not mean that it does not require a certain level of care to retain its vibrancy over time.  Typically, manufacturers provide warranties for exterior paints of up to 15 years.  However, this rule only applies if the manufacturer’s guidelines are followed correctly.  Carefully review the paint label for instructions.  Instructions may also be found online at manufacturer’s websites.

Common Problems

Exterior paint will lose its color and vibrancy over time.  This is due to prolonged exposure to the elements that include the sun, weather and fluctuating seasonal temperatures.  While this is a natural progression, preventing exterior paint from aging, by understanding common exterior paint problems, is an important way to rectify these maladies.

  • Cracking and Flaking. Paint that cracks or flakes can have various underlying issues, but the main reason for this occurrence is weakened paint that has not been able to adequately expand or contract with time.
  • The sun is a primary culprit for fading exterior paint.  As time progresses, the longer the paint is exposed to direct sunlight and UV rays the more it will fade over time.  This is because the coating itself is aging and the increased levels of heat make the coating weaker with time.  Fading can become quite problematic if it is not uniform.  There are even some paints on the market that are specially formulated to be fade resistant, allowing the home owner to avoid this common problem.
  • Yellowing of lighter exterior paint colors is problematic and is typically the result of exposure to outside elements such as the weather, and the sun’s UV rays.
  • Dirt Build-up. Constant exposure to the outside forces will mean that dirt and grime will build up on the paint over time.


  • Purchasing High-Quality Paint. Purchase a high-quality paint to begin with.  This will save time from an unnecessary hassle of having to re-paint the home prematurely.  There are many top quality paints on the market for exterior projects.  If in doubt regarding which paint to purchase, professional painters are available to assist.  Professional painters are trained on the different types of paint that should be used for certain surfaces and they are also knowledgeable about the latest painting techniques that will leave the home owners feeling completely satisfied.  Choose premium qualities of exterior paints for the best outcome.  A premier quality paint can delay fading, prevent cracking and may require less frequent touch ups over time.  A good paint is an economical alternative and a great return on investment.  These paints are made of high quality ingredients and they provide better coatings than some of the lower cost alternatives on the market.

Pressure Washing Exterior Paint

  • Regular Power Washing. The importance of regular power washing should not be underestimated.  Power washing a home will leave the paint looking clean and vibrant.  A good pressure washing can preserve the home, removing dirt and build up from outside pollutants.  Routine power washes may also reveal other problems such as water damage, termites, dry rot or mildew.  This is why it’s so important to power wash on a routine basis, at least twice per year.  Thorough power washes help to guard against nature and they can even be do-it-yourself weekend projects for budget friendly families.

Taking great care to preserve the quality, look and feel of exterior paint as time progresses is important.  While there are several variables that can impact the quality of exterior paint there are also solutions to preserve its life.  Exterior paint can last for a long time if it is taken care of.  Consult with a residential painter in Bernardsville to learn more about keeping exterior paint in pristine condition.