How to Prevent Exterior Wear and Tear

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Prevent Exterior Wear and Tear

When visitors arrive at a home, one of the first things they will notice is the home’s exterior. They will be left with an immediate impression of the home:  that it is either well taken care of or it is not. This same impression will translate to their thoughts on the home’s interior. They may rationalize that if the exterior of the home is not maintained then neither is the interior. To ensure a home leaves a positive, lasting impression it is important to preserve its exterior facade. Here are a few tips from a top painter in New Jersey on how to prevent wear and tear on the outside of a home. If you need help fixing wear and tear around the home contact a top house painter near you today.

Exterior Paint

From preventing wood rot to preserving vinyl siding, a recent paint job can protect the home’s exterior while also adding a stylish color. Paint protects the home from the elements. From storms, to wildlife, to the build-up of dirt and grime, paint takes the direct hit of all of these elements instead of the actual wood or siding. An exterior paint project can extend the life of the home and it can reduce the normal wear and tear that occurs with time. It is recommended by experts that a home’s exterior should be painted at least every 10 years for the best results.

Controlling Foliage

Many people do not realize that plants such as trees and nearby bushes can have an impact on the quality of the home’s exterior. When trees and shrubs grow, their limbs can scratch the exterior of the home and cause damage. While these plants may be helpful for creating shade or for adding beautiful landscaping elements, they can physically damage the home if they are not controlled. To control foliage, trim trees and plants often so that they are not touching the home or even worse, growing roots into the home’s exterior. A good rule of thumb is that there should be enough space between the home and the foliage for a person to walk between the two.


Gutter Build Up

It is also imperative that homeowners address their gutters to remove leaf and debris build-up.

Not only will build-up block the flow of rain water, but it can also lead to stains on exterior paint in the form of water streaks and leaf build up that may appear as a result of these clogs. For the best results, clear gutters at least twice per year, during the fall and during the spring, when backed-up debris is most likely to occur.

Power Washing

Another way to preserve the home’s exterior is through twice yearly power washes. Power washes help to blast the dirt and grime away from the exterior of the home. Over time, dirt and other outside elements will build up on the exterior of the home. A good power wash will wash all of these things away and will help to restore the beauty of the home’s façade. A power wash is an affordable way to give the home a clean, well-kept look. When deciding on power washing the home it is important to use the proper equipment and cleaning materials to do so. While this can certainly be a DIY project, remember to consult with a professional who can provide insight into the best way to clean the home to reduce the likelihood of damage.

Frequent Inspections

Lastly, visually inspect the exterior of the property often, at least once per season to pinpoint potential areas of concern. This will include taking a walk around the exterior of the home to spot any beginning stages of damage.  Such areas of concern may include rotting wood, loose siding, chipping or cracking paint, or the growth of mold. These problems will only worsen with time, so it is better to address them right away instead of letting them linger.  Remember, normal wear and tear is inevitable and it is something that comes along with homeownership.  However, the best way to address exterior problems is to take care of them immediately for the best results.  It is also a good idea to hire a professional house painter every few years to make sure there are no underlying issues that the homeowner has not recognized.  A professional perspective will ensure the homeowner has taken every precaution necessary to maintain the integrity of their home’s exterior.

To learn more about how to prevent exterior wear and tear, consult with an exterior painter near you who can discuss ways in which to preserve the outside of a home.  A professional painter will know what to look for and they will have the knowledge and expertise required to maintain the beauty and integrity of the home for many more years to come.