How to Use Tile in Kitchen Design

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Tile in Kitchen Design

Kitchen updates are at the top of the list for homeowners who want to add instant value and visual appeal to their homes.  What better way to add beauty to a kitchen than by installing tiles into the overall design?  Kitchen tiles are a versatile element that are trendy, relatively inexpensive and that add depth and texture to any kitchen space.  This budget friendly way to preform redesign is a great investment that leaves a lasting impression.  Read on to learn more about how to use tile in a kitchen’s design.  For additional questions, contact a residential painter in Short Hills who specializes in tile work and interior design.  A top Short Hills residential painter will be able to design your kitchen so that the tile and paint flow together to create a seamless effect.

Types of Tiles

Kitchen tiles are made of different high-quality materials to include ceramic, porcelain and glass.  There are also tiles that give the appearance of natural stone including slate, marble and other raw finishes.  Tiles can range from classic neutral colors to vibrant bolds to over-the-top designs and patterns for customers who prefer an eclectic look.  When choosing a tile, keep in mind that different colors can create different moods within the kitchen.  For instance, muted grays or browns can create the sense of coziness, creating a warm, inviting kitchen environment.  On the other hand, brighter colors such as reds or yellows promote active moods for lively backsplash

Kitchen Backsplashes

Kitchen backsplashes are classic additions to any kitchen.  These fully tiled walls are attractive, easy to care for and are effective design elements that the homeowner will surely enjoy for years to come.  A kitchen backsplash can create a striking contrast to painted walls no matter the color of the wall.  For instance, Kitchen backsplashes can dress up a bland kitchen décor or they can be the center of the room’s design.  As another example, white subway tiles are very popular kitchen backsplash additions.  White subway tiles are timeless as they can be matched with brightly colored walls or paired with white walls for a clean, uniform look.

Popular Tile Designs and Layouts

Tile can be laid in a number of different layouts.  Among the most popular choices are:

  • Horizontal and Vertical. Tiles that are stacked horizontally or vertically create a simple symmetry that is excellent for smaller kitchens.  This layout is not overpowering.
  • Tile can be placed diagonally for a modern spin.  This layout is especially helpful for larger kitchens as it adds height and draws the eyes upward, for a grand appearance.
  • This traditional layout includes tiles that are placed like bricks for a pattern that runs on, simulating movement.  This is an eye-catching means of adding depth and perception into the kitchen.
  • Herringbone patterns include tiles that are stacked to create a bold V-shape.  This layout makes the tiles appear as if they have been weaved together.

Accent Tiles

Small, unexpected details matter in kitchens.  This is where accent tiles come in handy.  Accent tiles go hand-in-hand with primary paint colors and they help to accentuate the homeowner’s personality within the kitchen.  Accent tiles can be used as decorative borders within a backsplash or they can be used as bold stand-alone tiles for a unique look.  No matter the use, accent tiles are a great way to achieve a high-end look without exceeding a remodeling budget.  These tiles are used sparingly but they create a luxurious feel that enhances the appearance of a kitchen in an instant.  Even though accent tiles do not take up much space within the kitchen, they can still make a huge impact for a well-planned and polished look.  Accent tiles are an excellent design element which go along well with plain tiles for added drama.

Kitchens are no longer places to just prepare and cook meals.  Today’s kitchens are gathering spaces that are influenced by the overall design of the room.  Kitchen tiles are a great way to create a great mood within the kitchen and to pull the room together for a unified look.  Used as backsplashes or as accent elements, kitchen tiles can add value to the home and are a beautiful feature in kitchen redesign projects.  To learn more about kitchen tile designs and how to incorporate tiles into a kitchen, call a residential painter in Short Hills today who specializes in tile work and paint color coordination.