Most Popular Bathroom Colors for 2017

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Popular Bathroom Colors for 2017

Bathrooms have moved up the home improvement project food chain in recent years to one of the most sought-after and valuable home remodels, finally taking their rightful place near or even at the top of the homebuyers’ lists for stylish upgrades. But what do you do if you’re not looking to spend all that time, not to mention money, updating your bathroom’s look and feel? One answer beats all the rest: paint. Yes, painting it perhaps is the most effective and transformational upgrade you can do for your bathroom, especially if you don’t want to do a major upgrade or you don’t have a huge budget. And this year’s most popular bathroom paint colors are the ideal way to update your bathroom in a dramatic way that will make it look like you spent months on a big bathroom remodel. Surprisingly, when it comes to the most popular bathroom paint colors for 2017, the overall idea is: moody. All the colors you can think of that create a rich mood of passion and luxury, those are the most popular paint concepts of the year for bathrooms. Here is more information from top house painters in New Jersey about the top bathroom colors of the year.

Setting a mood-not just for the bedroom anymore

Our bathrooms do so much more for us these days than they did in years past, especially considering the recent ‘smart’ technology surge that isn’t likely to slow down any time soon. This perhaps is the reason why setting a mood in the bathroom has become so important to people. Because bathrooms have taken on a life of their own when it comes to the activities that take place there-running the gamut from the serviceable to the soothing-it’s high time bathrooms got the attention they deserve. For 2017, the best and most popular paint colors for bathrooms are trending toward the dramatic mood-setting passion of dark colors whose richness and sumptuousness set a moody tone that becomes the ideal backdrop for today’s many bathroom endeavors. Inky blacks (yes, black!), charcoals, silvery grays, and deep purples: these are the most popular concepts for bathroom colors this year.

A black bathroom, really?

Popular Bathroom Colors BlackYou heard it here first: the color black is perfect for a bathroom. Why? First, because black bathroom fixtures are getting more and more prevalent in home improvement stores and furniture stores alike these days. Second, because no other shade, tone, or hue looks better in glossy than black! Finally, black is so great for a bathroom because it’s unexpected, making it one of the most creative choices around. Start with an inky black on just one wall or a modern, dramatic black bathtub. Expand on this midnight-y idea with a little charcoal-another hot, hot color for bathrooms this year-on accent pieces, fixtures, chair rails. Finish up with some silvery gray-a hue whose popularity is at its height this year. If your bathroom is huge, you can get away with using black on all the walls. If the bathroom you’re looking to paint is small, consider it for just one wall or on accents such as a cabinet or lighting fixtures. If it’s too narrow, paint opposite walls black to draw them in closer and make the whole room feel more squared off. Another important color addition to the idea of moody bathroom colors this year is dusty pink combined with the romantic ambiance of all concepts of darkness. And, perhaps the most significant color inspiration of the year in so many areas of life, including food, clothing, accessories, and even phone cases, is purple. Try some deep purples, rich plums, or soft lavenders along with any of the aforementioned colors that will create a mood that will do your bathroom proud.

Bathrooms come in as many styles as there are personalities of their homeowners. So, naturally, there isn’t any one style that’s right for everyone. But for 2017 and possibly even headed into 2018, the most popular and inspirational idea when it comes to bathroom paint colors is drama. Setting a mood that incorporates moody fascination with a bathroom’s functionality undoubtedly is not easy. But 2017’s paint designers managed to do it, and to perfection. From midnight-inspired inky glosses, to only slightly more subtle charcoal grays, to rich purples that bring to mind equally rich luxury, the most popular paint colors of the year are all about passionate reflection and moody romanticism. If you’re looking for more ideas on how to transform your bathroom with a new color palette, contact a residential painter near you.