Most Popular Bedroom Colors for 2017

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Popular Bedroom Colors for 2017

You love your home, but lately it hasn’t been quite up to your standards. And so, you’re searching for home improvement projects that will make a big difference, hopefully with a small budget. Well, you’ve hit the nail directly on the head with the idea of painting. In fact, there’s no other home improvement or remodeling project that will upgrade your home with more fulfillment and satisfaction than with paint. And if your bedroom’s the area that needs the upgrade, look no further than 2017’s most popular bedroom colors. Indeed, this year’s most sought-after shades and hues are the best paint designers have come up with in decades, from the romantic night-inspired hues of varied tones of night-time, to the environment-motivated naturals, and on to the year’s hottest shades of luxurious purple. And so, from top house painters in New Jersey straight to your Essex County home, here are 2017’s winners when it comes to most popular paint colors for bedrooms.


Yes, bedrooms have been transformed in recent years from night-time spaces into daytime relaxation living spaces. But the fact is that, well, they’re still bedrooms! And when you think of bed, you naturally think of night. This is why one of the year’s most popular color palettes is all about those hours which lie from sundown to sunup. No, it’s not about the ‘twilight zone,’ but it is reminiscent of those twilight hours. But don’t think that, just because 2017’s night-inspired bedroom colors are dark and dramatic, they’re boring and drab. No, the concept of night motivating bedroom paint colors for this year leans away from the dull to the rich and dramatic. For your Essex County bedroom, consider this year’s very popular bedroom color palette of Nordic blue hues combined with natural neutrals mentioned below.

Naturally neutral

Neutrals are always big, but in bedroom paint colors? Indeed. But not just any neutrals. This year and likely into next the idea for neutrals in bedroom paint colors, particularly on the walls, is that which surrounds it. If your home is situated among woodsy wonder, step outside your home and glean from its surroundings the most neutral yet vivid nature-inspired colors those surroundings offer. If your home sits amidst beachy beauty, draw in those sandy neutrals that come as naturally as the your kids to the ocean. If your New Jersey home bustles among city dwellers, look to the sky for its cloudy inspiration and deep midnight hues. These are the stuff of which dreams will be made every night you fall asleep in your freshly painted bedroom.

Purple -the true color of night

Popular Bedroom Colors BlueWhen you look outside at night, you’re not really seeing black. What you’re seeing are the deepest hues that purple has to offer. That’s why this year’s biggest bedroom paint color trend, and its most popular, is purple. Yes, purple’s been riding high in recent years, with trends in everything from food to paint to fashion, but 2017 is its highest trend yet, and that’s why the ideas for 2017 in bedroom purples are deep, plush, and luxurious. If you look at your new bedroom paint color and it makes you think of lavish comfort and magnificent palatial estates, you’ve got the idea for this year’s purples!

Did you ever finish a home improvement project and wonder why in the world you started it at all? So many of them take up too much of your valuable time, not to mention all that money they eat up. But not painting. In fact, when it comes to home improvements, there simply is no other project that costs less but delivers more. And painting your bedroom with one or a whole color palette of 2017’s most popular paint colors has the power to transform its look and feel like no other single home improvement. Rich night-inspired twilight-y hues, natural inspiration from nature itself, and deep purples that send you off to sleep in luxurious style–these are the ideas for paint colors for your bedroom for 2017 and into 2018. Yes, paint designers sure got it right this year with these dramatic color palettes, which is why the most popular colors of the year are ideal for bedrooms. If you’re looking for more ideas about paint colors, textures, and projects, contact a residential paint near you for a consultation.