Most Popular Kitchen Colors for 2017

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2017 Kitchen Color Trends

The kitchen is the nerve center of your home. If you’re like most other proud Essex County homeowners, the kitchen is the place of lively activity and family connections. That’s why it’s so important to choose just the right color for your kitchen’s new paint upgrade, and this year’s trends have the right color palette to suit your palate. House painters near you and their creative cohorts in the paint industry have all put on their most visionary thinking caps to come up with some of the most beautiful and exciting hues ever dreamed up. So, if you’re looking for the most popular kitchen colors for 2017 and beyond, look no further than the following color advice from top house painters in New Jersey.


No, not the book or even the movie. This group of colors is inspired by the real thing—after dark, night-time, nightfall. Yes, there’s a dusky new inspiration, a whole new paint collection from Sherwin Williams that describes the feeling and refuge of night as being an actual commodity. City dwellers will be especially appreciative of these hushed, subdued hues that will create an elegant grace in their kitchens that can set an ambiance of relaxing solace. From the romantic lightheartedness of cottony blue Icelandic, to the paradoxical serene drama of Mature Grape, to the posh and modern awareness of Marea Baja, Sherwin Williams’ new ‘vine ripe fruits, Nordic blues, moody neutrals, and golden yellows’ are sure to make your kitchen a thing of beauty like no other home in your neighborhood.

Shades of green

Green is exceptionally good for kitchens, since it adds the energy of nature to the already present vitality in your home’s epicenter. Benjamin Moore’s Kitchen Greens are a mini palette of green shades and hues that go so synergistically together, you’ll swear your kitchen was a part of the great outdoors (without all the bugs!). Start off with a blaze of Laser, which is a bright green that brings the bold and natural indoors. Add a touch of Cypress Vine on chair rails or cabinets for a streamlined blend that couldn’t be more perfect. Finish it up with Unmarked Trail, a taupe-y coordinate that will bring the whole room together in purity and precision.


Can the word ‘confident’ be used to define a kitchen? Most assuredly! Think about it—your kitchen is the room in your Essex County home that centers your family, bringing all those loved ones who throughout the day, week, month, or even year are scattered about here and there. Yes, your kitchen is not only a room; it’s the place that grounds your household and holds it together, keeping it collected and connected. That’s why Behr’s 2017 ‘Confident’ collection of colors is such a popular color for kitchens in 2017 and likely into 2018. With names like Hot and Spicy, Jade Dragon, That’s My Lime, Fired Up, and Lemon Burst, you can just feel the boldness, the confidence, the self assuredness teeming through your kitchen, into every member of your family, mobilizing into your dining area, living room, and every other area of your house. No other color palette will be more popular or exciting, and no other trend will be bolder than the Confident collection from Behr for kitchens in 2017.

The most important part of a home improvement project is, well, the improvement! Whether you’re doing a full blown, full scale, no-holds-barred renovation, or you’re simply looking to spend a day or two upgrading its look, choosing a new paint color for your kitchen just may be the best direction either way. In fact, painting is one of the most effective ways to give your kitchen a whole new look and feel without breaking the bank, your back, or your busy schedule. And this year’s most popular kitchen paint colors are dramatic enough to transform your kitchen from drab to fab, even if all you want to do is add a few touch-ups here and there. The most popular paint colors for kitchens this year run the gamut, from bold and inspiring, to soft and romantic, and even dramatic and mysterious. For more information about the most popular kitchen colors for 2017 and how to coordinate the color palette that’s right for your home, contact a residential painter near you.