Most Popular Living Room Colors for 2017

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Popular Living Room Colors for 2017

This year’s most popular living room colors can be best described in one simple yet paradoxical phrase: dramatic relaxation. Because living rooms are meant to be both of these-dramatic and relaxing simultaneously- they demand no less from their paint color schemes. And 2017’s most favored shades and hues all boil down to bold passion that, ironically, fits smoothly into everyday life. If you’re considering painting your living room, you’re probably open to inspiration from just about anywhere-family, friends, neighbors’ homes. You’ve searched magazines, catalogues, home improvement stores. But if you’ve come up short in the living room paint color palette department, it’s probably because no one yet has narrowed down just what you’re looking for. Because today’s living rooms are about living space in all its forms, activities, and feelings, the simplest way to nail down a new paint color scheme for yours is by narrowing down the many emotions you feel within your living room. This is why dramatic relaxation is the phrase of the hour when it comes to the most popular living room colors for this year and likely beyond. Top house painters in New Jersey and throughout the country explain it like this:

Deep and luxurious purples

Popular Living Room Colors purpleFor color of the year, the winner is: purple. Purple is huge this year, and not just in the paint industry. Foodies know that all foods purple are at the top of the master chefs’ lists for not only preparation, but also in food design itself. Fashion, too, is a major place where purple can be found in abundance. And when it comes to painting your New Jersey home’s living room, you can’t beat any and all shades, hues, tones, and tints of the color purple. But the most popular purples in 2017 are those that bring out the rich lavishness of your living room, the ones that make you feel their richness even when the lights are low.

Vivid and subdued

So if ‘dramatic relaxation’ is the phrase of the hour for living room paint colors, what then defines that which is ‘dramatically relaxing,’ especially when it comes to choosing a new color scheme? Easy-vivid and subdued. If this sounds to you like a paradox, it’s because it is one. And so is your living room. Think about it. It’s called a living room because of the much, varied, vast, and specific living that goes on in it. That’s a lot of living, isn’t it?! And that’s why this year’s perfect paint colors for both the practical and peaceful living that goes on in your living room are self-assured as well as subtle, bold as well as subdued. Deep grays and charcoals, silvery metals, and luxurious, precious purples-these are all the most popular colors of 2017 for living room paint color schemes because they have the power to elicit passion and evoke calmness. Try a color scheme of all of these-gray, charcoal, metal, and purple-for a living room that can both shout in excitement at the start of the day, as well as soothe you to respite at day’s end. Or, try just one of these such as a deep plum on the walls, and add some touches of silvery metal on accent pieces. Another great way to simultaneously create drama and relaxability is with a gray on three walls, a charcoal on the fourth, and a soft purple on accents.

Living rooms-rooms that we live in. They’re the rooms we gather in with family and friends. They’re the rooms we work in, laugh in, love in, play in, grow in, and stay in-more than any other room of the house. So when it comes to choosing a new paint color scheme for your Essex County home’s living room, you want to know you’re choosing the best. And this year’s most popular living room colors are the best the industry has come up with in decades. Dramatic relaxation-it’s the perfect fusion of the passion, the practical, and the peaceful that’s brought together in this one room. And now it’s a color communique that ideally summarizes all the living that goes on in this room. Consult with a residential painter near you to obtain more color scheme ideas for your living room paint project.