Popular Interior Paint Colors for 2016

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If you follow trends, chances are every year you take a look at the top brand names in paint and see what their forecast is for the year. This year is no different, below you will see some of the top brand names in paint, as well as what they are saying are going to be the top colors for 2016 and they are very different from last year! Last year the most popular colors were a lot of neutral colors like tans, grays, different variations of white, and muted colors like greens, yellows, and reds. Here are the trends for 2016 for the top brands. If you want to know more about the top colors for 2016 you should contact a house painter in New Jersey or in your town. NJ house painters are skilled at interior design as well as painting and will be able to give you many options of paint color for each room.

Pittsburgh Paints and Stains

PPS has three “pieces” that they have added to their list of the top colors for 2016. The first one is “Vibrant” and it features an enthusiastic theme which has a contemporary feel to it, but it’s also expressive and youthful. The four main colors are Holly Glen which is a bluish green, Delicate White which has a dash of gray added to it, American Anthem which is blue and Orange Poppy which is a really pretty color of orange. If you ever wanted to add orange to a room but were scared to do it, this is the one to try it out on because it’s really beautiful and not too bright! The second piece is called, “Comforting” and it’s essentially designed to counteract the tech era – this is an ongoing theme you will see in a lot of trends for 2016. The scheme is very comforting and serene, and it uses muted blues and soft browns to create a really warm feeling to any room. The colors are Delicate White, My Alibi which is the warm brown, Lost At Sea which is very similar to the blue above, and Hot Stone which is a greenish brown. The last “piece” is called “Organic” and to be honest the color choices are a little funky, but toned down enough to be used in a Contemporary, Traditional or even French Country household. The colors are My Alibi, Pizza Pie which has an almost terra cotta feel to it, SunStone which is a muted red, almost rose color and Timber Beam which is a really pretty gold brown.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore has a lot of colors in its forecast, but its color of the year for 2016 is something you might not expect; its white, Simply White, to be exact. It’s clean, it can be matched with any other color for accents and focal points, and it’s really easy to match white glass plates, vases and furniture too. The other colors or a few of them anyway are; Morning Sky Blue which is a really muted white blue, Cream Puff which at the base is white, mixed with just a tad of pink – if you always wanted to do pink in a room but could never find a way, Cream Puff is the perfect option to try out! Enhanced is a lilac purple, but it’s pretty toned down unlike Gentle Violet which is not! Gentle Violet is very bold, very purple, and should only be used as an accent. Banana Yellow is a muted yellow, and it would go really well with the Simply White in something like a breakfast nook, reading room or kitchen. If you like darker colors, BM has also forecasted Patriot Blue which is a really fantastic deep blue, Black Ink which has been toned down with gray and white and French Press which is a brown mixed with a sort of copper color.

Behr Paints

Unlike the other two options, Behr not only gives you the colors for 2016, but they give you a lot of really fantastic designs and samples of how you can use those colors. And there is something for everyone! The first sample is High Contrast which features Black Pearl as an accent wall, Pagoda as a hallway color, Emperors Silk as an accent color for lamps, glassware and bookends, as well as Galapagos for the paint on a big mirror on the wall and lastly Canary Diamond which was painted on wooden chairs with a Black Pearl cushion. The room also features a painting in the background of ALL the colors splashed onto a white board. It’s definitely something bold, and not everyone will like it or be able to pull it off! The second sample is called Luxe Dimension and it’s very VERY different from the first option with very muted colors and a few bold colors. In this example, Behr has used Penthouse View for the top part of the walls which is a light tan along with Fifth Olive-nue as the bottom color of the walls, it’s a sort of roguish brown, and then they used Coralette as a stripe around the top which has an almost salmon look to it. Citronne which is a gold yellow was added in with curtains and Blue Vortex which is a really pretty and deep navy blue was used on accents like the bottom of a wooden table, a chest, blue shades on the lamps.