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Andrew Picone Painting & Paperhanging, Inc. has been serving the area of New Jersey for over 70 years. We offer residents of Harding Township, NJ with interior painting, exterior painting, color consultations and wallpaper services.

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From the time Harding Township was formed, town founders placed a great emphasis upon the aesthetics of the development. Taking their lead from the natural beauty of rolling hills, open meadows and country roads,Township residents have since been keenly focused on maintaining and improving upon the appearance of their residences.

Whether you’re in one of the most historic dwellings in town or have recently built or moved to Harding Township, taking care of what may be your largest investment shouldn’t just be prudent from a financial perspective, it should be fun! Your home isn’t simply a place to rest your head, it’s your refuge, your retreat.

Whether you’re taking on a simple interior paint refreshing, tackling a major interior redesign or seeking a fantastic new look for the exterior of your home, at Picone Painting and Paperhanging, we want your next project to be one you’re excited about. With 60 years of experience, our professionals have encountered every kind of paper and paperhanging project imaginable, so there’s no question we know how to get a job done. But what we pride ourselves on at Picone is our commitment for the process to be as seamless and enjoyable as possible. We want to eliminate any stress by getting the job done right, on budget and on time.

By letting us worry about minimizing the hassles, you can go about working with our color consultants to ensure your painting or paperhanging project reflects your individual style and taste, making your home feel more unique and your own. We have deep experience in working with the finest paints, papers and products on the market.

Our fabulous color consultants are not only well versed in in all the traditional styles and palettes, they’re also here to help you explore the latest color trends for each room and space in your home. So whether you’re steeped in tradition or looking to break away from history, Picone Painting and Paperhanging offers the best one-stop shop for Harding Township residents. Call us today to set-up a consultation.

About Painting & Wallpaper Services in Harding Township

Most residents of the southern Morris County township of Harding realize they’re living in their own little piece of heaven on earth. With its rolling hills, open meadows and hundreds of acres of woods, Harding Township is still inhabited by fox, deer, coyotes and occasional bear making it quite unlike any other town located just 27 miles from Manhattan.

Created in 1922 and named after then U.S. president Warren G. Harding, the township was carved from what was then the northern half of Passaic Township. The movement to establish Harding Township was driven by local property owners who wanted to maintain a pastoral community without suburban development sprawl. Soon, wealthy urbanites from Manhattan and surrounding developed cities purchased farmland, rehabbed and enlarged old farmhouses and landscaped the grounds. And residents weren’t likely to be stumbling upon their neighbors–Harding zoning specifies lots can be no less than five acres.

Unlike other communities, more than 40 percent of the 22 square mile area of Harding Township is protected open space where building is forbidden. This is due in large part to the fact that two federally protected areas lie within the borders of Harding Township: half of the 7,000-acre Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge lies within the township’s southeast corner and the 1,200-acre national historic site Jockey Hollow which is situated primarily inside Harding Township lines.

Miles of bridle paths wind through the hills, and cows, sheep and horses still graze in the fields of Harding Township. For those commuting by car to Manhattan, the drive is about an hour and 15 minutes. Trains from neighboring communities offer rides to Penn Station in about 60 minutes making it one of the easier commutes into midtown Manhattan.

The commitment to preserving Harding Township continued in part through the efforts of long-time resident Jay Kemmerer who was struck by the beauty of the meadow on Blue Mill Road now known as Margetts Field. In 1989, Kemmerer spearheaded a group that worked alongside members of the Harding Township Committee to ensure that this 56 acre hilltop meadow would remain unspoiled and cherished for generations to come, and Margetts Field became the first property preserved by the Township for the enjoyment of all.

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