The Cost of Doing Nothing

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The Cost of Doing Nothing Exterior damage

Unfortunately, for today’s busy homeowners it is not hard to fall into the trap of putting off a minor home improvement project for weeks or even months at a time. Small projects such as leaks, peeling paint, or overgrown shrubbery may seem minor, but if left unattended for too long could actually lead to much larger problems for the homeowner. Minor project could quickly turn into something major as more and more time passes. Once a home improvement project has gotten out of hand, it could become a very expensive endeavor to correct. Do not take the chance of ignoring problems within the home. The following are just some of the costs of doing nothing according to one of the top painters in New Jersey, as well as how to address them sooner rather than later. If you have any of the problems mentioned in this article contact an interior house painter near you to help you fix these issues.

Moisture Problems

The Cost of Doing Nothing Moisture damageMoisture is a common remodeling problem that should never be ignored. From high-humidity areas like the bathroom or damp spaces such as attics or basements, too much moisture within a home is never a good thing. Increased moisture levels can lead to surface damage such as rotting and unaddressed leaks can quickly increase a utility bill. What’s worse is that moisture can also lead to mold problems. Growth of mold within a home will diminish indoor air quality which can lead to upper respiratory problems or other allergic reactions. Long-term exposure to mold is especially problematic for those who suffer from asthma, as well as young children or the elderly. After addressing a moisture problem consult with an interior painter who can prepare the room’s walls and/or ceiling and repaint them. This will also include addressing any warped areas that are a result of the moisture problem. From damaged interiors and exteriors to entirely inhabitable spaces, ignoring such problems will only lead to more costs down the line. So, take care of them soon for the healthiest living conditions.

Exterior Problems

Over time, the exterior of the home will succumb to normal wear and tear as well. This could mean chipping or peeling paint, rotting wood or other susceptibilities due to exposure to the outside elements. Overgrown trees and hedges may also result in exterior problems if their branches cause physical damage to the home’s exterior. To remedy this, it is recommended that homeowners routinely inspect their homes, at least once per season to spot problems while they are still small. It is also recommended that a home be re-painted at least once every 7-10 years to preserve the exterior. A fresh coat of paint will protect the home from all of the extremities. Still, in between painting the home, the homeowner should check their home’s exterior at least once per season to spot any apparent issues. To prevent additional costs, address these issues right away. Also, consult with a residential painter near you who can quickly spot any other problems going on with the home’s exterior.

Taking Action

One of the most important things a homeowner can do is to take action and complete their lingering home improvement projects as soon as possible. Such action will preserve the home’s value, it will make living in the home more comfortable, and it will give the homeowner peace of mind in knowing their home is in top condition. Avoid the common pitfall of creating much larger expenses. Take action today. The truth is that a small problem that is ignored today can result in a much larger problem tomorrow. Taking action is a critical step that can prevent long-term problems associated with a project that has gone on way too long. For homeowners who are unsure of how to fix the problem, consult with an expert such as a professional painter, for further advice.

Over time, houses will have plenty of fixes that must be addressed. However, these small fixes could result in major headaches down the road if they are not properly taken care of. Even if a project seems too expensive to tackle right away, consult with a residential painter near you who may be able to provide an affordable solution. A professional painter will have the knowledge, expertise and experience to determine how much longer the project can wait and if it will result in larger issues for the homeowner in the near future. Contact a team of top painters in New Jersey to learn more about how to remedy lingering home improvement projects.