The Use of Mirrors in Interior Design

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Mirrors in Interior Design

There are a myriad of problems with a room that can be masked or even corrected by the right placement of mirrors. Areas that are too small, too narrow, or conversely, too wide; areas that lack natural sunlight; spaces that feel cramped or cluttered; or rooms that are just devoid of beauty or the right focus—all of these can be an interior designer’s blank canvas and are easily reworked with mirrors. In fact, interior designers and house painters in Summit have ideal solutions to many of your home’s design challenges with strategic placement of all styles and manner of mirrors that will make any room in your home more attractive.

Areas that are too small, too narrow, or too wide

Small rooms are often challenging and they can be quite bothersome. Of course, unless you’re planning on knocking out a wall or two, there’s not much you can do about it without spending a fortune on an interior designer, right? Wrong! Strategically placing a mirror or two—items you may already own—throughout the room can make a too-small room feel much larger. Well-placed mirrors can also make a too-narrow or too-wide room feel much more balanced. Try placing a large mirror in the bedroom directly above your bed or above the headboard to create a sense of depth. Floor-length mirrors, particularly if you choose to add three or more lined up on a wall can make a room feel much larger. Today’s home improvement stores are rife without beautiful mirrors that are quite affordable.

Areas that lack natural sunlight

Because mirrors reflect light, strategically placing mirrors can simulate sunlight and brighten a too-dark room. If you have a room in your home that has just one window, place a mirror directly across from it in order to more thoroughly reflect that sunlight back into the room. If you have a room in your home that has no windows at all, consider placing a number of mirrors along with table lamps or even track lighting that will not only add more light, but reflect the light with the use of the mirrors.


Spaces that feel cramped or cluttered

Spaces that feel too cramped or even cluttered sometimes can be remedied simply by cleaning up or moving furniture items out and creating more space. However, there are times when there’s just nothing that can be done about areas in your home that feel too cramped or cluttered—you need every bit of furniture in the room that’s in there. In these instances, consider using mirrors throughout that will help to create an ambiance of spaciousness. Of course, in these circumstances, it’s very important to be precise and strategic about where you use mirrors. Place floor-length mirrors behind furniture in order to reflect sunlight and make the room seem larger without moving out those much-needed items. Try using a number of smaller mirrors above the furniture on one or two adjacent walls in order to maximize any light in the room and take the focus off the fact that the room is cramped.

Rooms devoid of beauty or focus

Of course, the most obvious reason for placing a beautiful mirror in a room is to add beauty to it! Mirrors are often used in today’s world of interior design as art displays, or as an addition to a wall’s art gallery. Insert small mirrors throughout a display of artwork or even family portraits or photos. This strategy not only creates a more a display that’s more attractive and pleasing to the eye; it helps to reflect natural sunlight and make a room feel more spacious.

Where mirrors once were used mostly for reflecting one’s own appearance, today interior designers and house painters are capable of taking nearly any mirror and placing it or re-placing it in your home in order to maximize light and space, or to enhance a room’s beauty. Mirrors can make a room feel larger, seem more balanced, appear more bright and energized, and simply look more pleasing to the eye. Consult with a residential painter near you to get more inspiration and expert design information on how the use of mirrors in interior design can transform your home.