Top Bathroom Colors to Avoid

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When it comes to modern bathroom design, the choice in the space’s paint color can largely determine how inviting (or uninviting) the room will feel. This is because there are some shades of paint that can negatively impact mood and turn people away from the space. When a homeowner comes home after a long day of work and they want to retreat to a relaxing space within their home, many times a bathroom is their top choice. However, if the bathroom is painted in an unattractive hue, it may not create that oasis-like experience that many homeowners are longing for. Here are some of the top colors that should be avoided altogether when it comes to bathroom décor. Contact a residential painter in New Jersey to learn more about these colors, in addition to some of the best colors to choose instead.

Bold Peach

Considered one of the top colors of an era past, namely the 1960’s, bold peach-colored paint can make a bathroom feel dated and unappealing. Instead of welcoming the homeowner it can actually make them want to exit the space and avoid it altogether. While this color is suitable for smaller surfaces like accent walls, or even accessories like shower curtains or throw rugs, when it is used on all four walls it can make the space feel entirely engulfed, closed in, and stifled.


Considered a color that can immediately put a damper on one’s mood, pantone 448C is a color voted the world’s ugliest by researchers. This color should be avoided in bathroom interior design. As a greenish-brown color, this shade has been known to diminish one’s mood, decrease one’s energy, and make a room feel uninviting. This color has been described by some as dirty, even with sewage-like appeal. It is even used in smoking cessation research studies to help smoker’s kick cigarette habits because of its overpowering nature. As a largely suffocating color, pantone can quickly consume the room, and leave the homeowner feeling drained and low on energy.


While orange is a pleasant color in general that elicits cheeriness, it is actually a color that can over stimulate the senses. According to color researchers and interior designers, orange can excite the senses so much that it agitates the homeowner. Orange can even stimulate the homeowner so much that their appetite will increase. This is why orange is a color often used within the restaurant industry and for food packaging design purposes. There are some homeowners who may personally like this color and consider it a favorite. If this is the case, try a variation of the hue, such as a burnt orange or a pastel version for a less stimulating experience.

Bright Yellow

Bathroom Colors to Avoid-peachBright yellow, in its purest form, is another stimulating color that increases the senses. Considered a cheerful color, yellow is often described as a sunny mood enhancer. However, while this may be true, yellow can quickly increase one’s mood and in excess, can excite the senses to the point of anxiety. As a dominant color, it is best to stay away from yellow when it comes to painting a bathroom. Instead, if yellow is a must, try it in very low doses such as an accent color within the room. For example, add yellow touches with bathroom décor such as hand towels, curtains, or even artwork for the best results.

Bring added value into a bathroom by choosing the best paint color for the space. The most appealing paint color will promote pleasant feelings without dominating the room. In today’s modern homes, a well-designed bathroom provides a top-selling feature for those who are either looking to buy or sell a home. This is why the paint color of the space should be given serious consideration. The wrong paint color can make the space uninviting and can even make a home unsellable. The color of a bathroom can either enhance the space or quickly diminish its visual qualities. So, avoid certain paint colors where possible so as not to put a damper in a bathroom’s style.

To learn more about the best and worst paint colors for a bathroom’s design, or to find a residential house painter near you, contact a team of experienced painting professionals today for more information.