Top Paint Colors for a Large Bathroom

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Large Bathroom

A recent survey showed that more than half of those asked said they feel safer in their bathrooms than in any other room in the house, including the living room and the bedroom. But what if your bathroom really is so large that you don’t feel cozy in it? Therein lays the challenge with choosing paint colors for a large bathroom—some colors and color combos won’t make it feel any cozier, and some can even make it feel larger and more unfriendly. If this is your dilemma, here’s information from interior house painters in Summit that will help you turn your bathroom from cold to comfortable.


Anyone who has ever struggled with their weight knows that wearing clothes that draw the focus away from problem areas is the number one means of making your body look more balanced. And so it is with painting a room. Is your bathroom so large and unbalanced that you just don’t feel cozy in it? Paint the walls in such a way as to draw attention away from that oversized vibe it gives off. Use dark colors that absorb light and help act as a decoy away from the fact that the room is too large or even just disproportionate. The great thing about large bathrooms is that they can handle dark colors without making the room feel too small. Try painting just one wall with a dark accent color, and then a lighter coordinating shade on the other three walls.


Division isn’t always a bad thing, particularly in a large bathroom. Try painting the walls of a very big bathroom with two colors instead of just one. This will help to horizontally divide that living space and, ‘shorten’ (at least visually) the walls. For this effect, there’s a myriad of colors you can choose from. Consider rich burgundies or deep midnight blues that will add an ambiance of richness that will definitely make the room not only cozier, but more luxurious as well.


The biggest challenge with an oversized bathroom is that it can feel cold and austere. One of the best ways to correct this problem is by choosing warm paint colors. Warm colors such as gold, brown, orange, and red are an excellent means of creating a warm, cozy feeling in a bathroom whose size may be just a bit too overwhelming for it to create the snug ambiance a bathroom should bring. If you’re thinking you’d rather have shades that allow for a little more relaxation in your oasis, try cool colors that have a bit of warm hues added.


Another effective way to make a really large bathroom feel a little homier, particularly one that’s overly tall as well, is to paint the ceiling. But don’t choose the same old white or any color that’s lighter than the walls, for that matter. Go a bit darker on the ceiling in order to pull in that lofty loo and make it feel cozier, like a bathroom should.

If you’ve got a large bathroom, you likely want even more from your bathroom. You want it to be a lounge area, an oasis, a veritable sanctuary that will both start and end your day. Bathrooms are supposed to be intimate and relaxing, not cold and unapproachable. So what do you do if your large bathroom feels cold and uncomfy? The answer is simple … you paint it with the right colors, or color combination, that will make it feel more warm and welcoming. Contact a house painter near you for additional inspiration about the best color combo for a large bathroom.