Top Paint Colors for a Nursery

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Top Paint Colors for a Nursery

If you’re expecting a baby, you may think the last thing you need to worry about is the color you paint the nursery. Though you may be right that painting a nursery doesn’t top the list of hot items when it comes to a new bambino, the fact is that the color or color combination you choose for your nursery is quite important. First, your new little guy or girl is going to be viewing these colors all around them for long periods of time. That means you’ll want to make your nursery’s color scheme energizing during daytime as well as soothing at night. You should consider choosing a color palette that can grow along with your child. After all, you’ll be too busy with baby and toddler things to fuss over another paint job. Finally, you’ll want to choose paints that can endure such things as dirty finger prints and all those other little mishaps that make having a baby an adventure you wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. For all you expectant parents out there, here’s some information about top paint colors from New Jersey interior painters that will help you decide.  For additional help contact a top residential painter near you.

Is warmth overrated?

Depends on just how warm we’re talking. Warm colors can be ideal for a nursery. They’re … well … warm! Warm colors are made with yellow, red, orange, and combinations thereof. Sunny yellows, bright oranges, lively reds … these are fantastic colors for a nursery because they’re cozy, yet fun and invigorating. Of course, if your child is already invigorating enough, you may want to scale down on the warm colors, particularly for bedtime. Instead of bright oranges or yellows, consider combos of these warm hues such as something in the terra cotta family.

Can cool colors be warm?

Top Paint Colors for a Nursery blueNot in the world of colors, perhaps, but cool colors can make you feel warm because they have the power of comfort behind them. Though you wouldn’t consider them ‘warm’ in the color world, cool colors can be cozy, which of course, is very important in a baby’s world. Blues, greens, and purples can soothe babies and make them feel snug and secure. They can also be paired with warm colors such as yellows and reds, which can be quite beautiful as accents. Be careful, though, when matching up cool and warm colors, as they don’t always work well together. For best results, contact a house painter near you whose expertise can provide inspiration.

Putting the ‘prime’ in primary

Painting with red, yellow, and blue—the primary colors… have always been a favorite for babies, and for good reason. Primary colors are an ideal base for anything else you may want to do in your nursery that will allow the room to grow with baby. Plus, because they’re the basis for every color, primary colors have power like no other colors do. They can both stimulate as well as soothe. They can both assuage and excite. They run from one end of the spectrum to the other, meaning they can do just about anything you want them to do. Primary colors really can be the prime, the essential, the go-to for your new nursery upon which the rest of the nursery can grow.

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” The beloved character ‘Winnie the Pooh’ said it, but your heart most definitely feels it. Whether it’s your first or your fifth, expecting a baby is about newness and excitement that changes your family dynamic forever. And that’s why choosing the right paint color for your nursery is so important. That room will be more than just a nursery. It will be the room you and your child bond in; it will be the room your child grows in; and if you do it right, it will be the room he or she grows into. Take some time now to choose the optimum color palette for your nursery, and you’ll be able to spend the rest of your time in it focusing on the love you feel. Contact a house painter near you for more inspiration on top colors for a nursery.