Top Paint Colors for a Small Bathroom

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Paint Colors for a Small Bathroom

Size is an important factor when choosing a bathroom paint color—though you may not realize this fact until it’s too late. Okay, if you paint your bathroom and you don’t like the color, you can always just paint over it. But who wants to do that? You don’t, do you? Of course not! You want to paint it once and get it right the first time. After all, you’ve just invested time and money into your bathroom paint project; you don’t want all that hard work and cash to go down the drain. The simple fact is that there are certain paint colors you should avoid if you have a small bathroom, particularly if your bathroom has very little light coming in from the outside. Here are some tips about paint colors for a small bathroom from top painters in New Jersey that will help you decide.

So, if certain colors make small bathrooms feel bigger, right about now you’re thinking—certain colors can make a small bathroom feel smaller, right? Well, you’re only half right. Though darker colors used on all four or even three walls can make a bathroom feel smaller, that doesn’t mean you need to avoid them totally. In fact, using a deeper hue such as navy blue or even black on accents can make a small bathroom feel larger, especially if you pair them with bright yellows or shades of white. Try any of the following colors or color combos for best results to make a smaller bathroom seem larger.


Soft pastels are great for bathrooms, so long as they don’t look too dusty. Pastel blues, yellows, lavenders, and pinks can work well in a bathroom, but try to choose something that has a hint of a citrusy color such as yellow in it. That way, you’ll be adding a hint of sunlight that will brighten a small room. This effect is particularly beneficial in smaller bathrooms that lack natural lighting.

Shades of white

White is classic for bathrooms, which is why it’s still the most popular choice for this part of the home. Most shades and hues of white will work in a small bathroom, particularly if you choose something a little darker for the accent color. (And what’s not darker than white?!) If white just feels a little too severe for your tastes, try to find a shade of white that contains a hint of peach, yellow, or pink.


Pearly whites and grays are great for small bathrooms. Not only will their light airiness make the room feel bigger, but that pearl effect will add shimmer that actually creates a subtle bouncy sunlight essence. The total effect is quite astounding in its ability to make a small bathroom feel more spacious.


Yellow is perfect for a small bathroom, especially if you choose it for accents paired with white on the walls. Yellow can even work well on the walls, but you want to make sure you don’t choose something that’s too warm because it can have the opposite effect of what you’re going for here. Some of the less bright shades of this wonderful primary color, such as butter cream, can work well in smaller bathrooms. Plus, yellow can help to brighten that smaller space that doesn’t have a lot of natural sunlight from windows coming into it.

Any of the above with dark accents

Small bathrooms love lighter colored walls paired with darker colored accents. Try any of the lighter colors mentioned above in combination with a darker color painted on chair rails, base boards, and lighting fixtures. Consider a midnight blue, a deep burgundy, or an emerald green on these accents paired with a pearly gray on the walls or even one of the beautiful shades of white available today.

If you have a bathroom that’s big enough to land a 747, you can probably get away with painting it just about any old color you like. But if your bathroom is on the tiny side, you need to be careful when it comes to choosing paint colors for it. Contact a residential painter near you for more inspiration about choosing the right color palette for your small bathroom.