Trends in Bathroom Painting

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Trends in Bathroom Painting

For homeowners who are considering giving their bathroom a makeover, a new coat of paint is a great way to bring new life into the space.  Today, modern bathroom design incorporates interior wall colors as a means of tying all of the elements of the room together.  From the bathroom cabinets to the light fixtures to the shower tiles, the color of the walls can have a huge impact on the total look and feel of the bathroom.  Paint color is a subtle design element that can express the homeowners personal style as well as their design preferences, all while allowing them to create a comfortable, inviting place to relax after a long day’s work.  For homeowners who are unsure of the right color to paint the bathroom, a top house painter in Essex County can provide expert insight into the next bathroom paint job.  Don’t be afraid to contact an interior painter near you for help answering any design related questions.  For a dose of color inspiration, here are the top 5 trends in bathroom paint colors for 2017:

  1. White Bathrooms. White bathroom paint is a top choice of homeowners in 2017.  White paint, as a standalone option is just as effective as any other boldly colored paint.  Often associated with sterility, white is a strong color that invokes feelings of cleanliness.  The key to white paint resides in its flexibility.  White can help to accentuate any combination of fixtures, décor, cabinetry, tiling or countertops.  White allows the homeowner the ease of redecorating a bathroom without limiting the color pallet of the other items such as hand towels, rugs and shower curtains to name a few.
  1. Blue is one of the best paint colors for today’s bathrooms.  Blue comes in a number of different variations including fresh aqua, deep navy, striking cobalt and cooler sky blue.  No matter the hue chosen, blue paint can enhance the bathroom’s design for a stunning, yet relaxing experience.  Blue is a cool color that naturally calms the senses.  For instance, aquas with green undertones invoke feelings of a relaxing spa-like atmosphere, whereas lighter blues invoke feelings of being outdoors.
  1. Deep Reds. Deep reds are a great way to liven up a bathroom.  Red is a high contrast color that is daring, rich and breathtaking due to its unexpected nature.  Red is an eye pleaser when combined with other color schemes of gold, chrome and even black décor, often providing striking contrasts with other elements in the room.  Red is an invigorating color that brings charm, personality and beauty to both small and large bathroom spaces.
  1. Neutral paint colors are a great way to set a relaxing tone in the bathroom.  These muted colors evoke feelings of tranquility, and do not overtake the space with too much color.  Classic cream, subdued yellow, warm beige, soft coral, and pastel blues and greens create a relaxed ambiance in the bathroom.  These neutral paint colors create a warm balance within the room for a serene experience.


  1. Ceiling Paint. For a non-traditional way to incorporate a new paint color into the bathroom consider painting the ceiling.  Ceilings, typically painted white and forgotten about, are design elements that should no longer be neglected.  Ceilings can be painted in any unexpected color for instant impact.  Ceiling paint also provides depth and perception into the bathroom.  This is especially helpful for smaller bathroom spaces.  Bold pinks, bright greens and even patterns to include monochromatic black and white stripes are all popular color options for bathroom ceilings.

Dramatically transform a bathroom into an indoor oasis by simply changing the paint color in the room.  Bathrooms are comfortable spaces where homeowners can relax in their own personal retreat. For the savvy homeowner, a do-it-yourself weekend paint job is a quick and easy way to achieve a new look in the bathroom.  A new paint color can tie the entire room together for a unified look that is visually appealing, using different design elements for cohesiveness.  Bathroom colors such as white, blue, red and neutrals for walls are in for 2017.  Painting ceilings in unexpected colors is also a great way to add a new dose of color to a bathroom.  For additional tips on how to paint a bathroom, contact a top house painter near you today.