Weather and Paint

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Believe it or not, painting your home and the weather that is happening around your location, does matter!  Most people say that the best time to paint is in the summer, but to be honest, technology has played quite a factor in the ability to paint year round, under certain temperatures.  As long as it’s not moist (rain or snow), it’s really okay to paint any time.  People just like the summer more because of the warmer weather, scarce rain and the fact that people would rather paint in the sun than no sun, any day of the week!  But, if you can’t paint in the summer and you really have no choice in the matter, here are a few things to consider.

The Temperature

Most of the paint manufactures out there will let you know a minimum temperature to paint outdoors.  However, paint has improved a lot over the past few years, as has the temperature point.  For a while there, manufacturers noted that you shouldn’t paint if it was below 50 degrees.  These days, though, you can paint at around 40 degrees outdoors and still be okay.  Special paints like Super Paint from Sherwin Williams allows you to paint when the temperature is as low as 35 degrees.  Pretty spectacular considering the old alternative!  It’s also important to consider heat fluctuations i.e.; day and night.  If you are painting, say in New Jersey in the summer, you might have really hot humid days that last all day.  On the other hand, you might have a perfect fall day where the temperature is 47 high and 45 low – this would be a good day to paint the house.

Moisture Outdoors

Another big factor in painting (the right time to paint!) as well as getting the most out of your paint, is the moisture in the air.  This doesn’t just mean rain either.  It can also be caused by humidity in the air.  If you had a really hard rain, consider waiting a day or two until the surface is no longer wet.  Even if the surface doesn’t feel wet, it could be wet under the surface, which is why it’s a good idea to wait 2 days until the sun starts to shine and dries your surface back out.  Other types of moisture include; foggy nights, dew in the morning, etc.

Hire a Professional

If you are really iffy about this whole situation and you don’t know if it’s the right time to paint or if it’s the right temperature, you could always hire a house painter in NJ.  They typically know your location very well and have a better idea than you do about the best times of the day or year to paint, as well as pertinent information you may not be aware of such as the types of paints to use.

Overall, most painters DO have a steady amount of information when it comes to the right time to paint, but you’ve probably heard those commercials too where painters profess that they will paint your home any day in any season, in any weather.  Honestly, it’s not possible.  There are going to be days, weeks, and certain seasons where painting is absolutely out of the question – so don’t fall prey to a commercial like this!  Winter months, for example, are horrible months to paint in because it’s too cold for the paint to actually cure, which WILL lead to things like peeling and crackling of the paint.